Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Davide and Sascha EXMACHINA Full-Body Male Mesh Avatars Are 50% Off!

You might remember that I recently raved about the Sascha special edition of the Davide version 6.0 EXMACHINA male mesh head and body package that I bought for just L$2,900—a real bargain compared to other male mesh head and body combinations.

Well, guess what? I discovered today that EXMACHINA is having a 50% off sale, both in their in-world store (here’s the SLURL) and on their SL Marketplace store:

So both the original Davide full-body avatar and the Sascha special edition of the Davide full-body avatar are only L$1,500 each! Now that I have had mine for a while, and tried out all the options, I can recommend this body very highly. And if you want just the body (no head), that is just L$800! It’s a stupendous deal.

I have no idea how long this half-price sale will last, so don’t wait! Here’s a few pictures of my Sascha avatar:

Even better? The entire outfit I am wearing today—right down to the socks and shoes—is free from the Kauna menswear store (SLURL). This grass green plaid jacket and pants, the sage green dress shirt, and the black socks and Oxford dress shoes are just some of many free wardrobe items you’ll receive when you click on all the vendor panels in the tiny Kauna store! There are literally dozens of high-quality menswear items, mostly formal wear and suits, but other men’s clothing, too! It’s the best deal in menswear on the grid!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: EXMACHINA Sascha

O.K., this is not a freebie, but it is a great deal, especially when you compare it to the alternatives for a full-body male mesh avatar!

I first blogged about the EXMACHINA male mesh avatar head and body package back when they still had a free, wearable demo version. Well, today I paid a return visit to the EXMACHINA male mesh avatar store in Second Life, and I instantly fell in love.

I fell in love with the Sascha special edition of the EXMACHINA Davide avatar (version 6). I mean, look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

EXMACHINA Sascha with the Alpha HUD and Eyes HUD

And the best part is the price! You get everything you see here—the Bento mesh body, the Bento mesh head, the eyes, the gorgeous Sascha skin, the gym shorts, everything but the hair—for only L$2,900! Now, compare that with the competition:

  • The Jake Belleza mesh body will set you back L$2,999 and doesn’t include a Bento mesh head. Add a Catwa Bento mesh head for L$5,000, but the head and body skins won’t match, so you need to buy a skin from Stray Dog (L$590 for the head applier and another L$490 for the matching body skin applier). Grand total is L$9,079.
  • The Signature Gianni and Geralt mesh bodies cost L$3,500, and don’t include a Bento mesh head. If you want the Gianni or Geralt heads, they are L$3,500 each, for a grand total of L$7,000, which would be your cheapest option. If you add a Catwa head at L$5,000, then your grand total is going to be higher, and you’re also going to have to buy a skin applier for the head and body to get them to match.

So, for less than half the cost of the popular Belleza/Catwa and Signature mesh head and body combos, you get a really good-looking male mesh avatar, with nine built-in skin tones, and a complete set of alpha selections (see top picture). Here’s a look at the skin tone and nail tone selections on the included HUD:

I have not adjusted any of the face sliders, except to make his ears bigger (the default ears were ridiculously small for some reason):

Just drop by the store, and the vendor for the EXMACHINA Davide version 6 (Sascha special edition) is right behind the front desk (here’s the exact SLURL):

Pay the vendor L$2,900, and this handsome stud is all yours! Seriously, it’s gotta be the best deal for a complete male mesh avatar on the grid (aside from the Altamura freebies and the Altamura Romeo group gift from last Valentine’s Day). The wide variety of alpha selections on the included HUD means that you can wear just about anything and make it fit (and you can take some of your savings and apply them towards clothing designed for the EXMACHINA Davide avatar, located in the same store where you bought the body).

The only problem I have found so far with this body is that the alphas sometimes glitch out, but that can easily be fixed with a few clicks. Other than that, he’s perfect!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that this body does support Bakes on Mesh. There’s a free BoM applier available at the EXMACHINA store, just click on the sign near the entrance.