Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Fifteen-Minute Nun Avatar Makeover for Only L$190!

“The power of Christ compels you!”

The Exorcist

Just for the hell of it (see what I did there?), I decided to give a 15-minute makeover to one of my oldest avatars, named SisterMary Blister, who has been a classic system avatar for well over 11 years now. Here’s the “Before” picture (I remember I actually used a man’s skin to get this makeup-free look):

SisterMary Blister 27 Sept 2018

And here are the “After” pictures:

SisterMary Blister.png

SisterMary Blister 2.png

SisterMary Blister 3.png

Sister Mary Blister is wearing:

Mesh Avatar Head and Body: Kim by Altamura (which is still available for free at the UniHispana Crea Gateway Community sim; more information is available here). I had great fun playing with the mouth corners and the eyebrows to give her such a sour expression! You can also remove the long fingernails in the included HUD.

Mesh Eyes: Sunrise Mesh Eyes by eyden & yves (free from the SL Marketpace; comes with a 9-colour HUD).

Complete Nun’s Outfit (Except Shoes): Nun T2 Outfit by Bare Rose (available on the SL Marketplace for L$190 and at the Bare Rose store in-world). Bare Rose is well-known for selling an incredible variety of inexpensive costumes and outfits, and this one (the second edition of the original costume) is no exception. The outfit comes with the choice of a white belt or a black belt, as shown here.

Shoes: Black flats by Garbaggio (part of the free sample pack for Slink feet; available on the SL Marketplace). Altamura mesh avatar bodies have Slink-compatible feet.

AO: Chubby Girl AO by [ImpEle] (free from the SL Marketplace), plus the Hands AO from the Kim body package by Altamura (see above).


The ruler, which comes with various animations including swatting and smacking nearby targets, was by Ming Lu of RP Fantasies. I bought this so many years ago, that I forgot what I paid for it, and it does not seem to be available anymore. However, RP Fantasies does sell a similar yardstick on the SL Marketplace, if you’re interested in meting out punishment to the poor sinners around you… 😉

(The last two “After” pictures were taken at the Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church in Second Life, which is actually a quite beautiful and serene place to light votive candles, pray, or just sit and contemplate.)

UPDATE 6:59 p.m.: I actually lasted all of five minutes at oRgAsMs Adult Free Sex Lounge, whacking the johns and escorts with my ruler, and shouting “SINNERS REPENT!“, before I was banned from the sim! Who says you can’t have good, clean fun in SL? (Yes, I’m evil. As I always like to say: if you’re going to go to hell, why not go express?)

Seven Healthy Ways to Cope in Crazy Times (…and Getting Donald Trump Banned from Hell in Second Life!)

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

It’s no secret that we are living in crazy times.

Gallup has been measuring the emotional health of people around the planet since 2005, and the polling company reports that global emotions hit at an all-time low in 2017:

“Collectively, the world is more stressed, worried, sad and in pain today than we’ve ever seen it,” Gallup’s managing editor, Mohamed S. Younis, said in a letter in the report.

“Globally there’s upheaval,” Molitor says. There’s migration crises (“and a lot of suffering involved in that,” she says), instability in government (with Brexit happening in Europe, infighting in the U.S., unrest in Turkey, crises in Yemen, and many other places), and dire climate warnings.

There’s a lot of uncertainty, which drives stress, worry, and all of the emotions that go along with that, she says. “And whether you’re politically aware of it or not, it’s kind of in the zeitgeist.”

Molitor says her patients (who are notably in most part middle and upper middle class individuals) are feeling very anxious, overwhelmed and helpless. “They are feeling under siege,” she says.

I’m not surprised. Frankly, I have been feeling a lot more stressed out, afraid, and angry than usual lately, and I know many of you feel the same. Is it just me, or is the world getting even crazier? It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to check the news anymore. And don’t even get me started about Donald Trump…

Obama Lama Ding Dong
Protester’s sign during Trump’s recent visit to the U.K.

Here are a few suggestions on how to cope in crazy, stressful times from the article:

  1. Get involved: Find a cause related to what’s driving your stress and unease and give back.
  2. Get educated: Particularly when it comes to the divisiveness that’s becoming synonymous with politics in the U.S. and elsewhere, be curious about others’ opinions rather than judging them immediately.
  3. Be grateful: Have gratitude for what you do have in your life and the things that you can count on — like the people you love and those who love you.
  4. Focus on what you can do: You’re certainly not going to be able to change everything that bothers you, but you likely can change some of it. Ask yourself what things can you do to feel more hopeful every day, and do them. (That doesn’t mean you get to completely ignore the negative things that happen in life, but you don’t need to dwell on them all the time.)
  5. Take care of you: Doing things like sleeping well, eating well, moving (it doesn’t have to be going to the gym), laughing and doing your laundry — taking care of your basic needs — these acts go a long way in helping you feel more in control and better able to deal with whatever challenges land on your plate.
  6. Make time for the people you care about: Social support is one of the number one ways to boost resiliency. Scores of research show being lonely worsens stress and worsens health outcomes, while being with and relating to others boosts positive emotions.
  7. Pay attention to what’s pushing your buttons: A big part of not letting those negative emotions getting the best of us is knowing what’s causing those negative feelings to begin with. If Twitter wars put you on edge, limit how much of that you take in, when you read it or whose rants you read.

Personally, I think it’s time I took an extended Trump news break…for my own sanity.

On a somewhat funnier note, my newly-created Donald Trump avatar has already been banned from his first sim in Second Life: the hellfire and eternal torment experience run by the Demon’s Forest group. It would appear that even Hell doesn’t want Donald hanging around!

Donald Trump Banned 2 31 Oct 2018.png

Donald is wearing:

Mesh head and body: styling details can be found in this blogpost (the cheapest of the three options, total cost L$498)

Devil horns, tail, and pitchfork: free gift by ~T&S~ from the SL Marketplace. All items are copy and modify (I needed to adjust the horns to fit the mesh head properly).

Red hellfire steam rising from his feet: free gift from <SIC> from the SL Marketplace


UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Three Options for a Donald Trump Avatar, Including One for Less Than L$500!

“I’m the best with avatars, I have the best avatars, the news, they say I can’t do avatars, that’s wrong, they’re wrong, Fake news! I think, people, when they think about good avatars, I can make avatars, with any avatars, all the time, better than China, better than anyone…”

Every so often I get the itch to create a new avatar. I’ve been wanting to create a Donald Trump-lookalike avatar for quite some time, and today I finally did it! I was able to snag the perfect avatar name, and here is what he looks like:

Orange Cheeto 1 27 Oct 2018

Now, I wasn’t as happy with the head that came with the default body, so I removed that and replaced it with another one I liked much better from the SL Marketplace. It’s got a much more pompous expression:

Orange Cheeto 2 27 Oct 2018

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Body: Man in a Suit Complete Mesh Avatar (L$199 on the SL Marketplace; I removed the head and replaced it with what I think is a better-looking one)

Mesh Head: Male Head 2 Mesh (L$299 on the SL Marketplace; this head is completely resizable and you will need to scale it down quite a bit, then attach it to the Neck position on the avatar; I deliberately left it a little on the large size to give him a cartoon look, but you can certainly make it smaller. You can even tint it slightly more orange if you wish!)

Body AO: Chubby Girl AO by [ImpEle] (free from the SL Marketplace). This is a nice, simple, calm, free AO with no crazy movements.


If you wanted a fatter mesh body, you could pick up the Piggu Jonathan mesh avatar from the SL Marketplace for only L$700 and use that instead. I have checked and you are able to remove the default head and replace it with the Male Head 2 Mesh above. Of course, then you’ll have to find some suitable clothes for the Jonathan avatar, but there’s dozens of options available on the SL Marketplace.

If you decide to go with the Male Mesh Head 2 (L$299), the Jonathan mesh avatar (L$700), and a tuxedo made for the Jonathan avatar (L$100), you’ll spend L$1,099. Throw in a Fat Boy AO by Voir (designed for the Jonathan avatar) for another L$299 and it’ll come to L$1,398 for a fully-outfitted Donald Trump.

Now, if you really want to go all-out with your Donald Trump impersonation, Session Skins has released a Donald Trump skin applier for the Catwa Stanley Bento mesh head:

Session Skins Donald Trump 27 Oct 2018.png

You can pick this up for L$399 at the Session Skins store (here’s the SLURL).

This would definitely be the most expensive option, as in addition to the L$399 skin applier, you will need to buy the Catwa Stanley head (L$5,000), plus a suitable mesh body (Session Skins sells body skin appliers for both the Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni mesh bodies for L$299 each). The Belleza Jake body costs L$2,999 and the Signature Gianni body is L$3,500.

So you’ll be looking to spend between L$8,697 and L$9,198 for the base Donald Trump avatar, and then you will still have to go out and spend even more on suitable clothing.

However, one advantage of this most expensive option is that you can get this Donald to wear anyting (and I mean, anything) you want. I’m thinking maybe some assless chaps and nipple rings, a black leather Make American Great Again cap, and a chain collar and leash, being led around by a Vladimir Putin avatar…

Pay No Attention 16 July 2018

(Hint: Session Skins also sells a Catwa head skin applier for Vladimir Putin…)

Vlasimir Putin

UPDATE Oct. 29th: I would like to mention and thank the people on the official Second Life user forums (and the VirtualVerse user forums, formerly known as SLUniverse), for helpfully pointing out Donald Trump items on the SL Marketplace. I could not have written this blogpost without their assistance. Thank you!