Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The Menstuff Hunt

It can sometimes be difficult to find free and inexpensive clothing for male avatars in Second Life, given the overwhelming number of stores, shopping events, and hunts that cater to female avatars, and have mostly women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories as gifts or prizes.

Today, we take a look at a hunt devoted exclusively to men’s fashion, the Menstuff Hunt. You are looking for a blue T-shirt, and each hunt prize is either free or L$1. You do not need to join any group to participate in this hunt.

Because I personally hate doing hunts without knowing what the prize looks like, I am including some pictures of the items that I have found. Here’s the list of participating stores and hunt hints from the Menstuff website. Good luck!

The ‘stuff Groups Shopping Plaza

At the starting point of the hunt, a fountain in the ‘stuff Groups Shopping Plaza, you can pick up this free, casual Dalmatian Dashiki tunic, which comes in standard sizes and a variety of fits for various male mesh bodies:

Hawker’s House

The free hunt prize from Hawker’s House consists of blue sandals, bell-bottom jeans, and an ombre tank top as shown. The tank had both tucked and untucked versions, and all the clothing prizes come in standard sizes as well as sixes to fit a wide variety of male mesh bodies.


The free haul from UnderDogs Clothing is ten different items, a entire mini-wardrobe! Here I am showing you the BadBoy jeans (which come in three colours) and Saso’s Aviator Jacket, which you can wear with or without the shirt:

And here are the Corbin shorts and the Insane T-shirt from UnderDogs, both of which come in fifteen different colours and patterns each!

Please note that all the UnderDog clothing prizes come in standard sizes only (but you should still be able to make them fit most male mesh bodies using the alpha sections on your HUD).


The free Menstuff Hunt gift from Munereia is the Mio outfit, consisting of the shirt, pants, and suspenders (the HUD allows you to change to the colours to a variety of lighter tones for the shirt, and a variety of blue tones for the pants; you can also pick a couple of colours for the suspenders, or turn off the suspenders and the shirt separately as you wish):

If you like this style, be sure to pick up the free Stay at Home gift for men in the Munereia store; the Stahd outfit is the same shirt, pants, and suspenders outfit, but in brighter, jewel tones for the shirt and a wider variety of darker colours for the pants!

Amazing Creations

For your L$1, one of Amazing Creations two gifts in the Menstuff Hunt is this men’s wardrobe staple, a men’s white dress shirt which comes with a HUD to all you to tint it any colour you desire:

The shirt comes in tucked and untucked version, and each version can be either a tighter or a looser fit, for four different versions overall. There are sizes to fit EMACHINA Davide, Signature Geralt and Gianni, Belleza Jake, David, and Slink male mesh bodies. Here is what the tucked version of the shirt looks like:

There’s also a free men’s Winter Coat which comes in 19 different fabric textures and a HUD to tint it any colour you want.

Design 9 Men’s Clothiers

There are a trio of free hunt prizes as your reward for diligent hunting for this hard-to-find Menstuff T-shirt: the Gabe tank top, the Gabe boxers shorts, and the Kaleb brown leather sandals! All come in either Belleza Jake or Signature Gianni sizes.


The free hunt gift from boyberry is this fun, colourful summer shirt in sizes to fit Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, and Slink mesh bodies:


From Swank, the L$1 gift is this Madras Collection set called Montego bay, consisting of this T-shirt and shorts. Again, this gift comes in standard sizes, plus sizes to fit most popular male mesh bodies.


The L$1 hunt prize from OneKingdom is this pair of formal pants, which come in sizes to fit most male mesh bodies (including Adam, Altamura, Belleza, EXMACHINA, Signature and Slink), and a HUD to apply any of 30 different textures:

D2T Designs

The dollarbie hunt prize from D2T Designs are these good-looking illustrated blue jeans, which come with a leather belt as shown. They come in standard sizes, plus sizes to fit Adam, Aesthatic, Belleza, Classic/TMP, Signature and Slink male mesh bodies.

There’s a much more complete list of the Menstuff Hunt prize pictures, compiled by the Second Life – FREE group (a group on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook), which you can find here. (I always find it good to know exactly what I am hunting for, before I go through all the trouble of finding it!)

The Menstuff hunt runs until June 30th, 2020. Happy hunting!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Free Bento Mesh Head for Male Avatars from Altamura in the Menstuff Hunt

I wanted to alert all you Second Life freebie fashionistas who read this blog that there is a free, fully-adjustable, Bakes-on-Mesh and Omega compatible, Bento male mesh head available as a hunt prize in the Menstuff hunt, which runs from Feb. 1st-28th, 2020. The head is called Akakor, and the free prize is hidden away somewhere in the Altamura store (you do not need to join any group to claim this gift). However, I do have some caveats about this freebie, as you will see.

Here is what the head looks like, wearing the included default shape without any adjustments to the sliders:

Note that there is a tattoo on both sides of the neck on the default skin that comes with the Akakor head, which is fully adjustable. (I’ll be getting back to those tattoos in a moment.)

Remember that all the freebie Altamura bodies do not allow you remove the head to replace it with this new free head. However, if you were lucky enough to pick up the fully-functional Romeo group gift from Altamura last Valentine’s Day, then you will be able to remove the head on that particular male mesh body, and use the Akakor head with it.

For more information on free or inexpensive mesh bodies for male avatars, please click here (the freebie/dollarbie Bakes on Mesh avatars from **SD** and Heavy Industries at the end of that rather long blogpost might be absolutely perfect to pair with this head).

There is a Bakes on Mesh Omega applier included, as well as a HUD with some default facial animations, but there is no included HUD to add or remove the hair base, eyebrows, tattoos, or any other features on this head.

Even more perplexing, I encountered a couple of problems. First, one of my alts was unable to obtain the hunt prize, giving me the error message that I didn’t have enough money in my account (the head is priced at L$0). It wouldn’t work until I transferred L$20 to that particular avatar’s account, even though the head was free, and I was not charged for it at all! Something weird is going on.

Second, what the exceedingly poor documentation included with this gift head fails to tell you is that you must purchase and apply the Altamura Omega system kit (available for L$99 at this exact SLURL), in order to apply either Omega skins or Bakes on Mesh skins to this free head.

However, you should know that applying an Omega skin does not automatically clear the tattoo on both sides of the neck. You will need to remove the default tattoos on this head using one of the free Omega makeup-removal HUDs available on the SL Marketplace (such as this free NEFA Clear All Layers Omega HUD).

Why Altamura didn’t think to include all this information in in the package is beyond me. It’s extremely irritating.

In short, after spending a very frustrating couple of hours tearing my hair out trying to get this head to work with various Bakes on Mesh and Omega skin appliers, I must warn you that there is a steep learning curve with this head. I’m really not sure it’s worth the hassle, especially for newbies that this freebie might especially appeal to.

Here is what the Delphinus Bakes on Mesh skin applier (included in the package) looks like on the Akakor head, after removing the neck tattoos using the NEFA HUD I mentioned above, and paired with the **SD** Raphael Bakes on Mesh body available here on the SL Marketplace for L$1:

So, if you still want to try it out for yourself, here is what you are looking for in the Altamura store (with a warning that the hunt item is rather small and tucked away in a corner):

The hunt hint given for Altamura is: “Confetti in this period is welcome”. Here is a link to all the hunt hints on the Menstuff website.

Good luck in your hunting! The Menstuff hunt runs until the end of February, so you have plenty of time to do some head-hunting! 😉