Christmas Came Early! The December Update of Sansar Has Many New Features

Yesterday the Sansar team at Linden Lab put in a long afternoon updating the client software, working into the evening to track down and fix a software bug.

Here are some of the new features of the latest release:

Shooting Guns

This update to the Sansar client is called the Ready, Aim, Fire! release, and for good reason, according to the release notes:

Project PewPew

  • This is a whole suite of APIs and features that will allow for creators to explore gun-play in Sansar!
  • Scripts can now detect VR inputs, mouse clicks and what the player is targeting when any input is hit.
  • Even more script APIs for Ray/shape casting have been added.
  • Grab Points can be toggled to stay held when picked up (so you don’t have to hold your pewpewer the whole time)
  • Check out the new Game.Gun, Game.Target and Selector simple scripts to add these features to your scene!
  • Mouselook mode: allows desktop users to switch to a mode where you do not need to click and hold right-mouse to look around. You can instead hit the ESC key and just move your mouse round.
    • This a toggle-able feature
    • While active it will disable the menu

Here’s a short video by Jogalog showing the new features:

Sitting Down

We finally have a long-awaited feature: the ability to sit down on furniture that has sit points enabled by the creator!

Medhue and Bagnaria Sit Down 12 Dec 2018.png

Sit Points

  • Much like “Grab Points” creators can now designate “Sit Points” on object, while in Edit Mode.
  • This works with Static objects only.
  • Clicking on a sit point will teleport your avatar to the location of the sit point, and the orientation that has been set.


New Scene Settings

Scene level settings

  • Free-cam & Teleportation distance limitation options
    • Free-Cam for Desktop users can be turned off in an experience in Edit Mode
    • Teleportation (VR & Desktop) distance can be limited or turned off in an experience in Edit Mode.
  • Available in Scene Settings in Edit Mode

Home Space

There’s also a brand  new home space that appears when you log into Sansar:

Sansar Login 12 Dec 2018.png

Sansar Home Space 12 Dec 2018.png

Sansar Home Space 2 12 Dec 2018.png

Tutorials and Prompts

Also, the controls and the user interface have a new tutorial that will start in the home space when you first log in, and you will also receive one-time prompts as you visit experiences.

Visit Experience 12 Dec 2018.png

For complete details on all the new features in this release, please see the official blog post.

Looks like Christmas came early!