Inara Pey Blogs the Sansar Product Meetup of March 13th

Inara Pey has provided detailed notes from the Sansar Product Meetup of Tuesday, March 13th.

Sansar Product Meetup Report 14 Mar 2018

Of particular note is a decision by Linden Lab to pull the initial release of the Terrain Editor:

One of the findings from the performance investigations is that the terrain editor used to sculpt height maps from within Sansar, and the terrains edited using it, can have a significant performance impact in both Edit and Run-time modes. There is no quick fix for this at present, as the terrain editor requires a significant amount of work, and the resources aren’t available at the moment. Because of this:

  • The terrain editor will be disabled with the next release.
  • There’s no date as to when a replace terrain editing system will be implemented.
  • Between now and the end of April, creators who have extensively used the terrain editor and height maps to produce terrain in their scenes / experiences, will be asked to remove / delete their existing terrain sculpts with tiles made via alternative means (e.g. custom made externally and uploaded for “as-is” use).

It’s unclear how many people will be affected by this. The Terrain Editor was noticeably buggy, and I think that few people actually used it to create terrain in Sansar experiences. I blogged about the Terrain Editor when it was first released back in September.