Pick of the Day: The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood 2 6 Oct 2017

The Neighborhood is a large night-time suburban experience created by BlackNewsMan, who describes it as:

The Neighborhood, designed for Cars, Motorcycles, Street Racing, Basketball, Football, and more…

There are a large variety of buildings: homes, apartments, factories, a grocery store/gas station, a marvelous old gothic church with illuminated stained-glass windows. You wander down the street, past a fast-food truck up on cement blocks, and a  four-way video screen at a nearby intersection is blaring the music video Happy by Pharrell Williams.

The Neighborhood 6 Oct 2017

The music video aside, it’s all very quiet and a bit spooky without the people!


Atlas Hopping with Drax and Berry, Episode 3

Brryn Oh's An Evening at the Ballet Atlas Hopping 19 August 2017

Caption: Bryn Oh’s experience An Evening at the Ballet

Today we visited no less than six different experiences in our Atlas Hopping adventure! Unfortunately, Draxtor Despres could not join us for most of it! Drax is currently on holidays in Slovenia and he was trying to connect to Sansar using his laptop on the hotel’s wifi, and he had a very poor Internet connection.

But Strawberry was a great hostess and she led us on a tour of the following six experiences:

  1. An Evening at the Ballet, by Bryn Oh
  2. Colossus Rising, by Sansar Studios
  3. Clockworks Club Demo, by Galen
  4. The Neighborhood, by BlackNewsMan
  5. Accuracy Training Module, by Nebulae
  6. Little Holland, by Richardus Raymaker

You can watch Strawberry’s live stream of our travels here (this YouTube video is 1 hour and 15 minutes long):