Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: 2018 Hair Fair Freebies and Dollarbies!

Well, between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. this morning, I braved the lag and traversed the 2018 Hair Fair Second Life. Here are the freebies and dollarbies I found (each with a SLURL to take you directly to the store’s location on the four Hair Fair sims). Use the Show Selection button on your Map and follow the red arrow 🙂

Unless otherwise specified, all items are FREE!

Tameless 23 Sept 2018.jpg

Adoness 22 Sept 2018.jpg

KoKoLoReS 22 Sept 2018

nomatch 22 Sept 2018.jpg

BMAH 22 Sept 2018

ASO 22 Sept 2018

EMO-tions 22 Sept 2018.jpg

EscalateD 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Curious Kitties
Curious Kitties 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Zibska (colour-changeable collar and earrings)
Zibska 22 Sept 2018.jpg

MINA 22 Sept 2018

amiable L$1
amiable 22 Sept 2018.jpg

CHEVEUX 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Calico L$1 for four hairstyles (please click each picture for a larger size)

Vanity Hair
Vanity Hair 22 Sept 2018.jpg

KMH 22 Sept 2018.jpg

aaHair 22 Sept 2018.jpg

enVOGUE 22 Sept 2018.jpg

LM 22 Sept 2018.jpg

DQ 22 Sept 2018.jpg

Sintiklia 22 Sept 2018.jpg

booN 22 Sept 2018

Astrology 22 Sept 2018.jpg

red Mint (L$1 for a posture collar and a heart choker; please click each picture for a larger size)

Alli&Ali (6 hairstyles; please click each picture for a larger size)


Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Scandalize (Again!)

The Scandalize group in Second Life is (once again) free to join from Sept. 15th to 17th. Why is this important news?

Because, if you join the group now, for free, you get dozens and dozens of free group gifts! Scandalize is one of the most generous stores on the grid when it comes to gifts to their group members. Usually, you have to pay L$100 to join their group, but for the next three days, it is FREE to join!

The group gifts wall is located on the wall behind the main reception desk (please note that this is an old picture; they have redesigned their store):

Scandalize Group Gift Wall 23 Jun 2018.png

So hurry down! There’s also a hunt going on, find ten cherries hidden around the store for more free gifts!

Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A Fifteen-Minute Female Avatar Makeover for Free!

Time for another fifteen-minute Second Life avatar makeover!

Here’s the before (the starter Maria avatar; not bad, but definitely looking a bit dated):

Before 8 Sept 2018.png

And here’s the after (now she’s all set for a night on the town!):

After 8 Sept 2018.png

Here’s a rear view to show you the lovely detail on the back of this daring little metallic minidress:

After 2 8 Sept 2018.png

This avatar is wearing:

Mesh Avatar Head and Body: Altamura Jenny (free from the Freebie Megastore in London City)

Hair: Leah hair in ash by Zalea (free gift); the HUD has 36 colour choices!

Dress: Faith gold metallic minidress by Justice (free group gift if you join the SL Frees & Offers group for free); the Maitreya Lara version of this dress fits the Altamura Jenny body well. The dress comes in three colours—gold, copper, and rose gold.

Shoes: gold Olivia heels (free gift from Ello); the Altamura Jenny body has Slink-compatible feet

Animation Override: Lucky Girl AO Basic Bento Mocap by Tuty (free)

Ankle Lock: by Baby Monkey (freebie from the blue bag on the reception desk)


Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Sweet E’s August Hunt at the Free Dove

Every month, The Free Dove freebie store selects three designers who place hunt items throughout the store for you to find (sometimes, the free hunt items are also found in their mainstore locations). Savvy freebie hunters already know to drop by The Free Dove once a month to pick up some fabulous hunt goodies!

One of the designers participating in the August hunt is Sweet E’s, which has some truly delightful and well-designed items available as free hunt gifts, either at The Free Dove or at the Sweet E’s store:

Sweet E's Hunt 13 Aug 2018.png

In both locations, you are searching for a cupcake with bright pink frosting and an “E’s” on it, which looks like this:

Sweet E's Hunt 2 13 Aug 2018

Vanity Fair models some of the amazing hunt gifts that Sweet E’s is offering up—everything from ballgowns to a bikini to a comfy men’s shirt and matching socks! (Please click on each picture to see it in a larger size.)

To pick up the hunt gifts at The Free Dove, you must join the Free Dove group (there is no join fee). To pick up the hunt gifts at Sweet E’s mainstore, you must join the Sweet E’s group (also free). So the total cost of all these beautiful items is zero, zilch, nada! Best of all, these items come in sizes to fit all the major mesh avatar bodies (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, The Mesh Project, Tonic and eBody) and classic system avatars too!

Remember, you only have until the end of August to do this hunt. Happy hunting!