Pick of the Day: Anu

Anu is a sprawling, sunset-light Sansar experience created by AnuAmun. It is a curious mix of the modern and the ancient.

Anu 1 29 Dec 2017.png

Off the in distance, there appears to be a highway leading to a massive construction site.

Anu 2 29 Dec 2017.png

It is all very mysterious. What is this place, with all its ancient statuary and massive ornamental buildings?

Anu 3 29 Dec 2017.png

Scene of the Day: Learn to Create Materials

Well, now that I’ve got the whole T-shirt making procedure down pat, it’s time to start cranking the printing presses…

Nobody Knows I'm SWANZ

…hmm, maybe I’ll make dozens and dozens of similar-looking mesh objects, and make each one a different primary colour….and fill up the Sansar Store with them!! *evil laugh* *rubs hands*

(Picture taken at Learn to Create Materials, by Azriel Drumheller.)

(Some background if you didn’t get the joke.)

Adventures in Virtual Fashion Design: Creating a Simple Men’s T-Shirt

Well, today I spent quite a few hours trying to make a “simple” men’s T-shirt, and learning from my mistakes along the way. My first design had the sleeves as part of the T-shirt body itself, and it looked like this:

MD problem with T shirt - in MD 29 Dec 2017.png

But when I wore it in-world, I would get holes where my upper arms poked through, and no amount of adjusting the fabric in Lookbook would fix the problem.

MD problem with T-shirt - in Sansar 29 Dec 2017

I reported the problem to the Fashion channel on the official Sansar Discord server, and one person said:

I think it’s all because of big (very free) underarm region. When you simulate it in Sansar, it gets weights from body AND arms, and that region goes crazy…So basically it glitches because of extra room.
So I gave up on that design and looked around for a T-shirt pattern with separate pieces for the sleeves. I found this very useful tutorial on YouTube, and I followed it:
And I solved my underarm problem! But then I came across another problem. My T-shirt looked fine in the Marvelous Designer preview window:
looks fine in MD.png
But when I wore it in Sansar, I got these ugly silvery seams everywhere!

Again, I appealed for help on the Fashion channel, and I searched for and found something that Agustine had recommended as a way to get rid of seams: Disable the Show Internal Lines feature in the 3-D avatar display.

Disable Show Internal Lines 29 Dec 2017.PNG

 And I finally got it to work! Here’s what my T-shirt looks like now:

And here’s a shot of me in my Ryan’s Garden experience, enjoying the sunshine and showing off my new, “simple”, blue-checked T-shirt! It’s now available for sale for S$5 in the Sansar Store.

Blue Check T-Shirt Final Picture 29 Dec 2017.png