Scene of the Day: Picnic at Mr. Darcy’s

This is the second meetup where we were all dressed differently, as you can see from this photo! No more clones!!!

Meetup at Mr Darcy's Picnic19 Dec 2017.png

Theanine is the one in the bear full-body outfit, which he made himself. Yes, we now officially have furries in Sansar! Here’s a close-up:

Theanine Bear 19 Dec 2017

If you’re interested in just the head, Theanine has placed his teddy bear head up for sale in the Sansar Store for S$60 (male avatars only).

Outfit Outlay: Three Inexpensive or Free Outfits for Female Avatars

Well, the Sansar Store is starting to fill up with clothing already! Just go to the Sansar Store webpage, select Wearables from the Explore drop-down menu, et voilà!

Sansar Store Wearables 19 Dec 2017.png

I tried on three inexpensive or free dresses, and at first I was dismayed when all three had parts of my body and/or underwear showing through them when I previewed them in the Lookbook avatar preview:

It turns out that, when you put on a Marvelous Designer-created garment from your inventory, you must press the Cloth Simulation button in order for it to fit properly without any body parts peeking through. Nyx from Linden Lab had this to say about it:

Anything with the MD logo, please do simulate it, and feel free as a customer to pull at it to help it to lay outside the body where you want it to lay.

You can use it to drape an MD item over a rigged mesh item to make sure that they don’t interpenetrate with each other.

So here are my three inexpensive dresses:

First up is a freebie by Sala Loon, called the Simple Dress:

Simple Dress 19 Dec 2017

Next up is a S$5 skirt and matching top ensemble with a camouflage pattern, called the SportKraft Outfit, by Kokoia:

SportKraft Dress 19 Dec 2017.png

And finally we have my favourite, the Hip and Casual Green Tunic by Whystler. It is also S$5.

Whystler Green Tunic 19 Dec 2017

(All pictures were taken in Skye Naturae Virtualis.)



The Importance of Dreams


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis

I have a dream, and now that the Fashion Release of Sansar has happened, I want to share my dream with you, my blog readers.

My dream is to become a fashion designer for virtual worlds.

I first put my toe in the water back in the Cloud Party days, when I tried my hand at making clothing for male and female avatars in that virtual world, using a student version of Maya. I’m afraid I wasn’t very skilled at it, but I did teach myself enough to make a few garments. These pictures of my creations are from my now-closed blog, the Cloud Party Bugle:

That was back in 2012. When Yahoo! bought out Cloud Party and the virtual world closed its doors, I put that dream aside. I did fiddle with retexturing clothing in Second Life, but I never took it very seriously.

But when I first heard about Marvelous Designer, and saw what the software could do, I became excited. And now that Linden Lab has announced the integration of MD with Sansar, the time has finally come for me to pursue my dream in earnest.

So—before I even start making clothing—I want to declare the launch of my first (well, technically, second) virtual fashion brand!


RSVF stands for Ryan Schultz Virtual Fashion (it also stands for Ryan Schultz/Vanity Fair, my female “supermodel” alt which I have carried over from Second Life to Sansar). And I plan to document every step as I work my way up the learning curve, here on the Sansar Newsblog, just as I did back in the Cloud Party days.

I think it’s important to have dreams. And now is the time for me to follow mine. Please wish me luck!

Outfit Outlay: First Clothing by Solas

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and designers are already busy releasing sample clothing (created using the Marvelous Designer software) since yesterday’s Fashion Release update of Sansar!

Solas NaGealai (who is already a well-known fashion designer in Second Life as the owner of BlueMoon Enterprise (SL storeblog) and the co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs (SL StoreSL MarketplaceFlickr) has put a couple of free items of clothing up in the Sansar Store, for you to play with and learn how to adjust clothing in the new “Lookbook” (avatar preview module) of the Sansar client software.

There’s a simple white (untextured) top:

Solas' Top 19 Dec 2017.png

And a white skirt:

Solas' Skirt 19 Dec 2017

And here’s a shot of Vanity Fair, Sansar supermodel 😉 , wearing Solas’ items in my own Ryan’s Garden experience:

Solas' Outfit 19 Dec 2017