Outfit Outlay: First Clothing by Solas

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and designers are already busy releasing sample clothing (created using the Marvelous Designer software) since yesterday’s Fashion Release update of Sansar!

Solas NaGealai (who is already a well-known fashion designer in Second Life as the owner of BlueMoon Enterprise (SL storeblog) and the co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs (SL StoreSL MarketplaceFlickr) has put a couple of free items of clothing up in the Sansar Store, for you to play with and learn how to adjust clothing in the new “Lookbook” (avatar preview module) of the Sansar client software.

There’s a simple white (untextured) top:

Solas' Top 19 Dec 2017.png

And a white skirt:

Solas' Skirt 19 Dec 2017

And here’s a shot of Vanity Fair, Sansar supermodel 😉 , wearing Solas’ items in my own Ryan’s Garden experience:

Solas' Outfit 19 Dec 2017


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