Three Floral and Watercolour T-Shirts for Female Avatars

Well, I’ve been busy this afternoon making women’s T-shirts! I finally settled on a more comfortable, roomier-fitting T-shirt design, and here are three new shirts for sale for only S$5 each on the Sansar Store!

There’s a light blue floral pattern:

Listing Blue Floral Pattern T-Shirt 1 Jan 2018.png

And the same floral pattern in pink-and-red:

Listing Red Floral Pattern T-Shirt 1 Jan 2018

And finally, my favourite, a watercolour pattern!

Listing Watercolor T-Shirt 1 Jan 2018.png

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2 thoughts on “Three Floral and Watercolour T-Shirts for Female Avatars”

    1. You have to have an account on Sansar. Then you sign into the Sansar Store at and then search for “RSVF” which is my brand name. You should find the watercolour shirt easily that way. If not, let me know. You should also be able to just click the link in the blogpost and it will take you directly to the listing for that item in the Sansar Store.

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