Virtual Reality Vs. Real Reality: An Update

Face in the Forest by Torley Linden
Picture: Face in the Forest, by Torley Linden (Taken in Second Life)

Well, my January 2nd blogpost Virtual Reality Vs. Real Reality seems to have struck a chord (or maybe it was just the compelling image I used). Less than 48 hours later, it is my most popular blogpost on the Sansar Newsblog, ever. That’s amazing.

Stats for all time 4 Jan 2018

I did cross-post this particular blogpost to various social media. In one case, I got back a comment that broke my heart. I’m not going to say where I found it, to help preserve the anonymity of the poster, but he/she said:

This article hits home for me. I have been living inside Second Life for the better part of 11 years. I have no friends in the physical world. No social life to speak of at all other than through the Firestorm viewer. I truly do live in a virtual world. That is the only place I feel I matter. Everywhere else I just take up space.

I just wanted to say, as someone who was addicted to Second Life for several years before I successfully pulled myself out of it, reconnected with people in the real world, and got a bit more balance back into my life, that you can reach out, you can get help. Don’t give up.

I decided to share my experience because I thought it would help other people realize that they are not alone. None of us really are. We are all part of an intricate, messy, crazy, interconnected world, both online and offline. What we say, what we do, creates ripples, affects other people.

We all go through tough times. You can feel better. It’s OK to ask for help.


Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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