The Sansar Newsblog Is On Hiatus

Doubtful Sound by Andi Scharfstein on

Doubtful Sound by Andi Sharfstein (CC BY Creative Commons license, from 500px)

The Sansar Newsblog will be on hiatus (except for reblogging Inara Pey’s blogposts covering the weekly Sansar Product Meetups) until I receive the new Sansar brand guidelines from Linden Lab. My decision as to whether I rebrand and/or refocus this blog depends on what will be in those guidelines, and if I have to give up the name “Sansar Newsblog”.

In preparation, I have gone through all the Sansar blogposts in this blog (almost all of them), and tagged them with the new tag “Sansar”. You can see them all here.

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