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Since I launched the Sansar Newsblog (now on July 31st, 2017, I’ve received a certain amount of negative feedback from certain quarters for cross-posting blogposts to other places, notably SLUniverse and the official Second Life user forums. Some people have accused me of grandstanding and shameless self-promotion!

This is a new blog with a small readership, and I may have been somewhat overzealous in cross-posting blogposts in an effort to promote the blog. If anyone has been offended by this, I do apologize. I think it’s time to set some policy on what I will (and won’t) do going forward with respect to cross-posting blogposts from

I will no longer cross-post blogposts to any forum or group which is primarily about Second Life, unless it is about SL. Lesson learned! Put your torches, your tar and feathers, and your pitchforks away!

I will cross-post all blogposts to the Facebook and Google+ groups specifically created for that purpose. (I do get a lot of traffic to the blog from Facebook.) People can choose whether or not to join those groups as they wish. I will also cross-post all Sansar-related items and selected non-Sansar items to the Sansar and 114 Harvest Facebook groups (Drax moderates the latter group and he decides what actually gets posted there).

I will cross-post selected blogposts to the following eight Facebook groups:

I will cross-post selected blogposts to the following four Google+ communities:

I will cross-post selected pictures from to my Flickr feed, with a link back to the blogpost it was used in, and add Sansar-related pictures to the following four Flickr groups:

I will also cross-post all Sansar-related items to the channel on the official Sansar Discord server, at least for the next twelve months, in order to promote the blog. I will also cross-post some blogposts about other virtual worlds and social VR apps to the #OffTopic channel, for at least the next twelve months. After a year I will reassess this policy and decide whether or not to continue. I do know that some people don’t like that I post about non-Sansar stuff on the Sansar Discord channels at all, but Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg has said he doesn’t mind, and I think that it fits in the #OffTopic channel. (It’s not unusual to talk about and compare features in the various virtual worlds in most user forums.) And the only person who has ever complained about me cross-posting Sansar-related blogposts on the official Sansar Discord channel is Gindipple, so I assume everybody else doesn’t really mind.

I will cross-post VRChat-related blogposts to various VRChat Discord channels, at least for the next twelve months. I am now on the VRChat Events Discord server, which is a great way to find out when regularly scheduled events take place on the platform! Much less traffic than the regular VRChat Discord server, which is like trying to drink from a firehose! (They have over 12,000 people signed on at any given time!)

I will also cross-post Sinespace-related blogposts to the Sinespace user forums and to the Sinespace Discord server, at least for the next twelve months. (I can’t seem to generate a link to join the Sinespace Discord server; ask on their user forums for the link to join.)

I will cross-post High Fidelity-related blogposts to the High Fidelity user forums, at least for the next twelve months.

I will cross-post Decentraland-related blogposts to the Decentraland chat server.

I will cross-post selected blogposts to the following eight subReddits (I actually do get a surprising amount of traffic from Reddit, it’s usually second in referrals  after Facebook):

Those are all the places I usually cross-post. Hopefully, you’ll find some new places to explore using all these links!

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