Second Life 15th Anniversary: The Most Commercially Successful Virtual World Turns 15 Years Old

Second Life 15th Anniversary

Today is officially the 15th birthday of Second Life!

On June 23rd, 2003, CEO Philip Rosedale and his company, Linden Lab, launched a virtual world called Second Life.

According to the infographic Linden Lab released to celebrate their anniversary, a whopping 57 million SL accounts have been created since 2003—of which about 600,000 people still regularly use the platform.

This makes Second Life, by far, the most commercially successful and popular virtual world to date. From June 17th to 24th the SL Community Celebration is taking place, with speakers, musical events, and countless exhibits and art displays on 24 connected sims. It’s the perfect time and place to visit, especially if you are new to Second Life!

Here’s a quick two-minute video on the 15th-anniversary celebration. Did you know that SL content creators collectively made 68 million dollars (US) in profits last year? There’s also a short message at the end from the visionary founder Philip Rosedale himself!

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