Maxwell Graf Celebrates the Twelfth Anniversary of His Second Life Store, Rustica!

Maxwell Graf, the proprietor of the long-running SL store Rustica, recently posted to Plurk:

To celebrate 12 years of being in Second Life I have rezzed my items from the past, all for the sum of L$1. It is my very first sale! A whole floor of the castle, dozens of items, some not seen for over a decade! Poseballs and Prims and Hover Text!

To celebrate, he is going to issue an updated mesh version of his first and most popular product, a sofa he originally built with prims, also for sale for L$1. (There is a model of the updated version in-store, but it doesn’t seem to be set for sale yet, though.)

Rustica 12th Anniversary 10 Oct 2018_001.png

So head on down to Rustica, and snap up some vintage bargains! There are all kinds of lovingly handcrafted furniture available. Here’s the SLURL to take you directly to the sale floor in his massive castle showroom on the Rustica sim.

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