Sansar on Steam: Linden Lab May Be Fighting a Losing Battle Against the Thumbs-Down Crowd

Sansar Steam Reviews 10 Dec 2018.png

Well, the overall rating for Sansar on Steam has gone from “Positive ” to “Mostly Positive” to “Mixed” between its launch this past Wednesday and the following Sunday (in only 5 days).

The reviews are now 1/3 negative and 2/3 positive. Some of the thumbs-down reviews are by disgruntled SL users with an axe to grind. Some are trolls. Some have well-thought-out explanations of why they dislike Sansar. But it looks like the overall rating is not going to improve anytime soon. I was afraid this was going to happen.

Also, the all-time peak usage via the Steam statistics seems to be stuck at 76. Obviously, it’s still very early days though. We’ll have to wait at least a few more weeks to detect any trends.

SteamSpy Stats 10 Dec 2018.png

But it is starting to look like a similar situation might be developing to what happened when Linden Lab first launched their “open creator beta” on July 31st, 2017: a lot of people trooped in, kicked the tires, took a look around, declared themselves dissatisfied, and promptly trooped out again. (Note the slight downward trend in the overall usage stats since Wednesday on the chart above.)

Like I said, it’s really much, much to soon to make any observations. But it looks like Linden Lab is going to be facing a prolonged, losing battle with the negative reviewers.

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2 thoughts on “Sansar on Steam: Linden Lab May Be Fighting a Losing Battle Against the Thumbs-Down Crowd”

  1. Still pretty low usage for Sansar but lets see what happens after the six weeks mark, one month mark, six months and one year mark if it lasts that long.

    Just look at Blocksworld it started high and then it went down hill.

    Second Life would be high up on the Steam leaderboard for stats if it was there today.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    – My guess is that Sansar needs events that really grip people. Not just gaming, but informative, interesting stuff. In AltSpaceVR there are now weekly, packed events featuring speakers about education in VR, really good quality events.
    – Obviously someone’s got a community going, and locates good speakers. I note that HighFidelity also is calling for events. As you know, they have had excellent guest speakers like Peter Diamandis and Philip Rosedale.
    – In short, I think the infrastructure is okay, it’s the social marketing that’s crucial. Lists to alert lots of people, interesting topics, good guests.
    -‘Just my two cents. I love Sansar, but rarely go these days. Mostly I’m in AltSpaceVR because there’s so many people there, and the ambiance is fairly friendly.
    Regards, Bruce

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