VR Triber: A Brief Introduction

I first encountered VR Triber under the “More Like This” section on the Sansar page on Steam:

VR Triber 3 5 Jan 2018.png

VR Triber is yet another social VR platform with a Rec Room aesthetic, created by a Chinese company called Socotar in Jiaxing, China. The game reminds me of Pararea, which I had just profiled recently on this blog.

Here’s a year-old, 20-minute preview video of the game:

This YouTube video has had a grand total of 29 views in one year! Woo-hoo!

So, still somewhat intrigued by this mysterious social VR platform, I checked out their official website. This is another company which very badly needs a competent translator:

VR Triber 4 5 Jan 2018.png

I mean, some of the Chinese-to-English mistranslations are laugh-out-loud funny!

VR Triber 6 5 Jan 2019.png

If you can’t read the captions in the image above, they say:

Welcome to VR TRIBER virtual reality social platform
You will play with players from all over the world
Looking for happiness (?)

Transfer The Hall (?!)
You can talk with others by VR

Jump Shot
Here is dynamic shooting experience

Kill Game
There have the most real heartbeat (?!??)

Hide And Seek
You need wisdom and courage here

Anyways, I downloaded and installed the client software via Steam, only to find this recurring error message in my VR headset when I tried to play it:

VR Triber 5 Jan 2018.png

It would appear that the software requires a login of some kind. However, there’s no indication (or any instructions) of how to create a user account in the first place! Massive fail. Don’t even bother with this one at all.

If Steam/Valve really thinks this is a game “like” Sansar, maybe they need to look at re-programming their recommendation software. (I assume it just blindly matches based on keywords and categories.)

Yet another product for my social VR/virtual worlds list.

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  1. The words ‘over’ and ‘courage’ in the picture are spelled correctly, although _you_ spelled the words ‘ovber’ and ‘corage’.

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