My Favourite subReddits

WARNING! Do not blame me if this blogpost takes you down the Reddit rabbit hole and you find yourself five hours later, wondering what the hell happened to your day! You have been warned 😉

Since quitting Facebook, Reddit (a.k.a. “the front page of the internet”) has become one of my favourite places to visit. No matter how obscure the interest, there is a subReddit (i.e. a Reddit community) for you! I thought I would share some of my favourite subReddits with you.

First up are the virtual reality subReddits I read and post to:

r/SocialVR: Devoted to all aspects of social VR, this is a tiny subReddit with only 200 members that could really use a little more love (I seem to be only one posting there lately!).

r/virtualreality: A place to discuss anything and everything related to virtual reality.

r/Virtual_Reality: A place to share your videos about virtual reality.

r/Oculus: A subReddit for Oculus VR hardware users. Palmer Luckey himself is one of the moderators!

r/vive_vr: A subReddit for HTC Vive users. (This community was created in response to a power-tripping moderator on the original r/Vive community.)

r/bigscreen: A community devoted to the Bigscreen social VR platform.

r/High Fidelity: This subReddit about HiFi is pretty deserted, unfortunately. (The last post made was 3 months ago.)

r/sansar: A subReddit about Linden Lab’s social VR platform Sansar.

r/TheWaveVr: About TheWaveVR social VR platform.

Next are some more computer-related subReddits:

r/AntiFacebook: “A community for posting articles about the problems of Facebook: its disrespect for privacy, widespread censorship, manipulation of users, and overall threat it poses to the freedom of the web and social relationships.”

r/apple: A million-member community talking about all things Apple.

r/iphone: A subReddit for iPhone lovers.

r/ipad: A subReddit for iPad users.

Reddit is also a great source for pictures of all kinds:

/r/AccidentalRenaissance: “The subReddit that showcases photographs that inadvertently resemble well-composed, Renaissance style art.” Here’s an example:

r/EarthPorn: “EarthPorn is your community of natural landscape photographers and those who appreciate the natural beauty of our home planet.” Here’s an example shot:

Looking for something funny? Reddit has you covered:

r/ContagiousLaughter: “Something to put you in a good mood: videos and audio of people laughing infectiously.”

r/disneyvacation: “Weird, terrible, terrifying illustrations from WikiHow – captioned for your amusement.”

r/engrish: Butchered English from around the world!

r/facepalm: “A subreddit for you to share the stupidity of people online and IRL. Post screenshots from forums, social media sites, or just real life.”

r/funny: “Reddit’s largest humour depository.”

r/humor: “Humor is the place for things that bring a wry smile to your face.”

r/Instagramreality: This one is both funny and sad: pictures of people caught out using filters. “Social media is a breeding ground for Facetune and Photoshop, It’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!”

Captioned “the power of makeup and filters”

r/memes: Almost 6 million people sharing memes. “Memes! A way of describing cultural information being shared. An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.”

r/onejob: You had one job, and you screwed it up…

r/peoplelaughingatsalad: What it says on the tin. Proof that there is no niche too small for Reddit!

r/photoshopbattles: This one is hilarious! “Photoshop contests on Reddit. A place to battle using image manipulation software, play Photoshop tennis, create new images from old photos…”

r/Whatcouldgowrong: “What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The best place to learn what NOT to do.”

r/youdontsurf: Making fun of stock photos and videos. Here’s just a sample:

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