Sinespace Unveils a New User Interface in a Client Update

Wagner James Au of the blog New World Notes reports that the virtual world Sinespace has updated their client software with a completely new user interface, so I decided to download the latest version of the software and give it a try.

The New Sinespace User Interface

I quite like the new user interface. It’s noticeably less cluttered than the previous version. There’s a pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that reminds you how to use your keyboard and mouse (something I appreciated, since I don’t sign into Sinespace often enough to have “muscle memory” like I do in Second Life).

There’s also a new set of portals at the Welcome Centre, which teleport you to various locations, such as this one called Lowpolia Highlands, one of several destinations with a low-poly aesthetic:

I need to come back and explore Sinespace a bit more. (That’s one of the problems with trying to cover so many virtual worlds; you never really get to spend a lot of time in each one!)

Thank you to Wagner for the news tip!

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