Spatiate: A Social Art Creation App for Augmented Reality

Andy Fidel has written up a nice summary of current VR/AR use in education in an article on Medium titled Using Immersive Tools & Spatial Networks (Social VR & Social AR) for Education & Remote Teaching. I’m happy to say that I have covered all the social VR platforms in this picture from Andy’s report on this blog!

But I noticed one app in his list of what he calls “spatial networks” that I hadn’t heard of before: Spatiate, which he describes as:

[An] augmented reality 3D art creation tool for drawing together across major devices such as iPhone, Android, and Magic Leap.

There’s precious little about the program on the official website, aside from this brief description and the following animated GIFs:

Create art in your 3D world: Paint without boundaries or screens in your physical world. The world is your canvas, allowing for freeform art and the experimentation of ideas.

Multi-user ideation across distance: Spatiate allows users to share co-presence and draw together. Whether in the same room or far away, users can create, prototype ideas, and share their own digital reality.

Unleash your creativity: Spatiate opens up a new avenue for creative expression. With a wide array of colors and brushes, paint the world and augment your reality.

Design 3D assets and prototypes: Create your three dimensional art and save for later. Whether it be a masterpiece or prototype, Spatiate makes it easier and more fun to design for 3D.

Apparently the product is already available for the Magic Leap One augmented reality (AR) headset, and it is coming soon to iOS and Android mobile devices.

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