UPDATED! High Fidelity: What’s Going On?

Some of you have approached me to ask me if I could find out what’s going on with High Fidelity, and I am curious too, so I posted this message to their official community forums:

I’ve been asked by a few of my blog readers to ask the company for some sort of official statement as to how things have been going since their pivot towards enterprise use of HiFi for remote teams in April 2019.

Since this is pretty much the only official way I have to contact the company, after High Fidelity stopped having weekly General Assembly meetings, I wanted to know if somebody could bring us up-to-date on what’s going on. For example, do you have the names of any clients you would be willing to share with us?

All I have seen from High Fidelity so far are numerous tweets about the joys and benefits of remote working. We would like to know a little bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes, please.

I’ll let you know if and when the company releases a statement.

(I’m also curious to see how long it takes before someone from the company responds to this post on their community forums. My last experience was not so great.)

UPDATE 4:01 p.m.: And we have a quick response from Emily, the community manager at High Fidelity:

We’re still testing the use of High Fidelity for remote teams. We’re actively using it internally and have select companies in trial. Development is ongoing, though we have nothing formal to announce at present. When we do, you’ll see updates on our blog – https://www.highfidelity.com/blog. Media can also reach out to our PR team – https://www.highfidelity.com/presskit.

Rest assured, we’re working hard to bring about the Metaverse and of course our open source VR platform is still very much available for general use, for free.

Thanks, Emily!

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