EpicLive: A Brief Introduction

The South Korean company Salin, which makes the Bigscreen-like social VR platform EpicLive, was mentioned as one of the companies working in social VR in the 2019 infographic published by the San Francisco-based venture capital firm The Venture Reality Fund (which is available here).

According to a recent news item on their website:

EpicLive can provide various types of video-on-demand (VOD) and live-streamed content, such as 2D and 3D imaging in a virtual space, with no location restrictions. It is possible to enjoy movies, sports events, performances, and other content in the company of friends and family members in a virtual room, where broadcasters can provide a wide range of services and options.

Here’s an overview of the EpicLive platform, which seems to be directed more to video content providers than consumers:

As far as I can tell, this service only seems to be available in South Korea, although Salin “is now actively developing markets in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia in order to advance EpicLive into the global marketplace”. There are no instructions on the English version of their website on how to download and install the client software. So, like Teemew, I’m adding it to my list of social VR/virtual worlds, but until I see actual proof of a working VR app, I’m not going to bother adding an asterisk to it to indicate that it supports virtual reality.

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