Come and Get Your New Home in Sinespace This Labour Day Weekend!

Wagner James Au of the blog New World Notes reports:

Big Labor Day weekend announcement from Sinespace, the Unity 3D-based virtual world (and proud sponsoring partner to NWN): A free new home and region for all Sinespace users, both new and returning. Unlike a region in, say, Second Life, a Sinespace region can be customized to near unlimited size and hold up to 200 users at the same time.  Here’s how to get it:

– If new to Sinespace, create a free account here
Download the new version of Sinespace for Windows, Mac & Linux here
– Existing users: Click Home to load your new home and free region.
– New users: Simply click Home to teleport to your new  region.

As an existing user, I found I first had to delete my existing home in order to receive the new, more spacious home. The lot that the home sits on is much bigger, too. Here are a few shots to give you an idea:

My new driveway
My new futuristic home

It sounds as though this offer is only during the Labour Day weekend, so you might want to consider downloading the latest version of the Sinespace client software (Windows, Mac, or Linux versions), and pay a visit to claim your new home! This is a very generous offer by the company and, of course, now you have the perfect excuse to spend some Gold or Silver coins to get some furniture to decorate your new home!

Thanks for the heads up, Wagner!

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