Occupy White Walls Version 4 Is Out, Adds New Social Features

Occupy White Walls (OWW for short) has issued an update to their client software. Some of the new features and improvements of version 4 are:

  • A new social profile window (Press J): Write a bio, track your activity log, see all your favourites in one place.
  • Integrated Nvidia Ansel in-game screen capture support (just press ALT+F2 in-game once activated with your NVIDIA GPU)
  • Five new reception desks
  • New Hacienda and Mexican decor items
  • Improvements to the DAISY 2.0 art recommendation engine
  • Loading optimization: galleries should load noticeably faster and use fewer resources

You can download Occupy White Walls for free from Steam. There’s an official Discord channel for Occupy White Walls where users discuss the program and share their favourite galleries. With the new features and improvements, a good virtual-world-building game gets even better! The blog Inventory Full even went so far as to call it “Hipster Minecraft”! If you’re looking for something totally different, give OWW a shot.

Thanks to NyushaZoryAna for the heads up!

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