The MetaMovie Project and NeosVR: Why This Partnership Is a Win-Win for Both Sides

Jason Moore has posted a project update for his MetaMovie (MM) Project on YouTube, to thank the backers of his project and to show off some of the work they have been able to do on their new production, Alien Rescue, on the NeosVR platform:

I think this project is a win-win for both parties. The MetaMovie Project benefits from the many features offered by NeosVR (such as really alien-looking aliens!) and NeosVR benefits from the exposure and attention that the MetaMovie Project brings to the platform. No doubt, fans of Jason’s previous MM work on High Fidelity will come over to NeosVR to see and participate in his latest production, Alien Rescue!

Here’s a previous episode of my show, the Metaverse Newscast, where I interviewed Jason Moore about the MetaMovie Project when it was still on High Fidelity (they moved to NeosVR in August, after this was taped):

Notice how Jason Moore has been able to bring over his tuxedo-clad bulldog avatar over from High Fidelity to NeosVR! I think this is wonderful, ground-breaking project in immersive entertainment, and I would like to wish both Jason and his team at the MetaMovie project, as well as the NeosVR team, every success in this endeavour.

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