Ask Me Anything!

I’m feeling bored in my pandemic self-isolation, so let’s do something a little different today…

One of my favourite things to do over on Reddit is read through Ask Me Anything posts (AMAs for short), where a person or group of people (usually a celebrity, but sometimes just somebody who has been through an eventful experience, like a reporter or group of reporters who broke a major news story) make themselves available to answer questions posted by Redditors. They don’t try to answer all the questions, and they can ignore questions that they don’t like or are too personal or nosey, but overall, they are great fun, and often you come away knowing that person a little better. (Barack Obama’s AMA was one of the most popular Reddit posts of all time!)

So, I have decided to take a page from Reddit, and do an Ask Me Anything (not on Reddit, here on my blog). Feel free to post a question in a comment to this blogpost, and I will post a selection of asked questions and my answers in a later blogpost!

Second Life blogger/vlogger Strawberry Singh (now Strawberry Linden) did this a couple of years ago, where she answered reader questions in this video:

So, what would you like to know? You can ask about me, or any of the topics that I write about on this blog (or any of the platforms that I have written about over the past two-and-three-quarters years).

Ask away! I do reserve the right to reject any question for any reason, however. Any comments to this blog are NOT posted automatically; I read them first and then approve them. (If I find your question overly personal, objectionable, or of questionable taste, I will simply delete it.)

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3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!”

  1. What features do you think Facebook needs to add to Facebook horizons. To make it standout to its rivals?

  2. Not sure I have a question. But would very much like to say that the occasional glimpses into your ‘real self/world’ moments as opposed to the ‘virtual world’ moments/posts, are incredibly powerful and reassuring, reminding me that all of us are human, and these glimpses are what keep me coming back to your blog. They comfort me and reassure me. You are real. You are trying your best. And you help me (us) when you show us what is beyond the successful veneer of the top notch librarian/researcher. Just wanted to say thanks. Your blog is part of my morning ritual, along with the newspapers, and it is even more of a requirement now, in these difficult times. Oh yes, I might have a question. Can you keep this blog of yours going till the ol’ Internet fades? 😉 Cheers.

  3. Has anybody had any commercial success with any of these ventures, other than Second Life?

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