UPDATED! Metrix VR: A Brief Introduction

Matrix VR is a new Unity-based social VR platform that is currently in Early Access on Steam. According to their Steam page:

MetrixVR is a multiplayer online game, where you can build things, talk with people, and much more. The game has many game modes, from “sandbox” to some game modes with survival or exploration goals.

There is two ways to play: Using the main server (Hub), or on some self-hosted servers (MVRDS / MetrixVR Dedicated Server). The hub allows you to play with a limited sandbox game. It will also make you able to meet other community members, or just to wait for a private server to be online.

The self-hosted servers allow you to play any game mode, as long as you respect the rules created by the server master. These self-hosted servers are hosted by community members or a third-party organization, and allow the host to configure his server as he or his community wants.

A scene inside Metrix VR

If you want more information about Metrix VR, you can visit their homepage (there’s not much there yet!), join their Discord server, or follow the developer, HyperCat Studio, on Twitter. And, if you wish to support the project, here is their Patreon.

I have added Metrix VR to my ever-growing list of social VR platforms and virtual worlds.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m.: Well, wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I blogged about it, I found out on their Discord that MetrixVR’s lead developer, Slaynash, has told me that they have stopped software development on this platform. He tells me:

Well yes sadly we are stopping the development of MetrixVR. The screenshot on your blog is like reaaally old x) It was made in the early days to compare the render of the shaders on Windows vs on Android.

(I just picked that screenshot from their Steam page because it was the most colorful and eye-catching.)

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