BREAKING NEWS (Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies Edition): The Free Kalhene Ariadna Mesh Body Has Been Removed from the SL Marketplace Due to a DMCA Complaint

Please note that I am taking a vacation from the blog for the next two to three weeks, except for sponsored blogposts (and the occasional breaking news story such as this).

Have you heard?? Minusseven has posted the following comment to my most recent blogpost about the Kalhene Ariadna mesh body:

Unfortunately, the Kahlene body has been taken off the marketplace. I heard it was because Maitreya had complained to LL, but that might just be a rumor.

I have checked and it is, indeed, now gone from the SL Marketplace. In the back of my mind, I think I knew that this might happen, which is one of the reasons I loaded up all my female alts in SL just to pick up a copy of this freebie.

I’m not sure if Linden Lab has the ability to actually remove content from people’s inventories if a product is deemed to be somebody else’s stolen intellectual property (I seem to remember that they can, but it is not used very often). Daisy Winthorpe (who knows more about this than I do) has informed me that:

Linden Lab can pull the UUID of the mesh and the UUIDs of the texture. If the person who filled out the DMCA has proof enough, I am sure they will.

So, it would appear to be possible that we could lose all Kalhene Ariadna items in our SL inventories. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll see. I will be sorry to see this beautifully-crafted female mesh body go; in a very short period of time it made a big impression!

The creator, Claudia Urdaneta, posted the following notice to the Kalhene Second Life group:

Hi all. I want to communicate something important about the ARIADNA bodymesh. I have recently received a DMCA for my work, and according to Linden’s rules, I must remove the content and disable it from sale until this whole issue is resolved. In the meantime I will continue to work on improving, and on new items. I ask you for patience and I want to thank you for the welcome that my work had. I hope this matter will be solved and it will be available again soon.

DMCA refers to the U.S.’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When Linden Lab receives a complaint against a store or brand, they must act. You can read more about the process here when I blogged about a DMCA complaint filed against The Genus Project, which led to the closing of their in-world store.

Hoo boy, the people over at Virtual Secrets (the National Enquirer of Second Life) are gonna have a field day with this one! Everyone is gonna have an opinion, and point fingers (probably at Maitreya). There will probably also be something on the SL gossip website The Whisperer, who tends to keep tabs (and provide receipts!) on the never-ending drama and intrigue in the Second Life fashion community.

Stay tuned! This could get interesting.

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS (Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies Edition): The Free Kalhene Ariadna Mesh Body Has Been Removed from the SL Marketplace Due to a DMCA Complaint”

  1. Kinda sad that was a good option if you want to wear maitreya clothing , tho it’s “mesh weights” are not same as maitreya…… Thighs has issues so does back also some heads do not fit it perfectly and you would get a seam , From what I know none of those issues are in maitreya….. So calling it a clone be a sad thing because it is not, but yes it was very close to maitreya like altamura or some others are but not perfect as maitreya so it’s only like a digital bullying on creators which is weird, dcma to mesh objects and creation is sad…I think God should do dcma on everything man has created lol 😂🤣😅 , Oh on top of that it came with bom mesh head too…. Also it’s not same as Ruth body this one was more refine also tail bone was different on this , So shrugs there are some very unhappy people’s on SL who don’t like some noobs to be happy 😒😬🤔

  2. If I worked really hard to reverse engineer a freebie Maitreya dupe I would expect to eventually get Maitreya’s attention as well.

  3. Anyway this mesh body only works with BoM has neither its omega script nor its hud kit developer, the big designers are always afraid of losing because of this fierce competition so they prefer to crush the small designers who start having success because too easy for them, rather their competitors at the same level

  4. I’m quite sure It’s about maitreya, and actually I guess they did even a mistake since was a good step to go from Ariadna to Maitreya. What bugs me more is that if reverse enginering their body is impossible SL will be forever tied to that body cause of a huge customer (fan)base that cannot see how little the brand is working if not for just banking on an old product they don’t improve or care anymore, that is appetible mostly cause of the huge creator sopport they have. And I actually have one too. Hnestly the Ariadna is quite different from Maitreya even if it kind of fit in some way almost every maitreya thing within some degree, which some options and details that i like more than even maitreya, and i guess the 1l cost could have pushed a chunk of creators to actually do proper fitmesh for it cause it has some limitation for sure but it was improving. It could have become the new “default” body of choice for a lot of newcomers easily.

    I really hope LL just understand that having a body in second life is kind of a priority for anyone and the base 2000 and something one really isn’t a great option, and leaving the mesh ones to third parties just help having unoptimized bodies that ruins everyone performance and experience in second life, probably scaring away a huge part of the newcomers when they realize they can use a very old looking thing or put a sizeable amount of money to find a body and head. This situation really baffles me, with maitreya being the real “default” sl body for the majority of the community and it isn’t really done with the intent of giving a nice looking thing while tweaking it to fight lag and all.

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