UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: A L$10 Bento, Bakes on Mesh Male Avatar from Altamura

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There’s yet another inexpensive Bento, Bakes on Mesh full-body (i.e. head and body) male mesh avatar, this time from Altamura. If you join the TeleportHub.com group for only L$10, you can pick up the Stay With Me body. The gift panel is located close to the entrance of the Altamura store:

You can also pick up a free male and female Bakes-on-Mesh skins as part of a free Bakes on Mesh package available from a panel near the rear of the rather cavernous Altamura store (here’s the exact SLURL; use the Show on Map feature and follow the red arrow):

Here’s what the Stay With Me body looks like, right out of the box, without any adjustments to any of the head and body sliders. No skin comes with this body, so I used the Delphinus pale male skin which was part of the Altamura Bakes on Mesh package above.

Unfortunately, this body does NOT come with a HUD with alpha sections, so you are going to have to rely on clothing that does come with alpha sections (such as the blue swimsuit, which is part of the Alejandro starter avatar look already in your SL inventory). The Brad hair in rust brown shown here was a recent Father’s Day hunt gift from Alii & Ali Designs.

For some reason, the toenails on this body are a separate attachment, but not the fingernails! Also, the eyebrows on the male Delphinus skin, which comes in the Altamura Bakes on Mesh package above, are so pale that you might want to invest in a pair of system/Bakes on Mesh eyebrows to complete this particular look! (Or use a different BoM male skin.)

All told, it’s a good-looking, fully-adjustable male mesh body that easily takes Bakes on Mesh skins without having to purchase an Omega kit, so you might be quite happy with this bargain.

The lack of an alpha section HUD is the deal-breaker for me, personally; I’d much rather use a mesh body that has that feature, since it would allow me to wear clothing designed for other male mesh bodies. However, I have been pleased to discover that more and more Second Life stores are now creating and selling clothing specifically made to fit male and female Altamura mesh avatars!

The Stay With Me body is only available for a month, so hurry on down to snap this bargain up! I will also be adding this new body to my list of free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male avatars.

UPDATE July 21st, 2020: I wanted to update this blogpost to show you the Stay With Me mesh avatar with one of the skins available from a dollarbie set from Sweet’s on the SL Marketplace, which I think turned out quite well:

Note that if you are looking for a free set of alphas to use with this body (since it does not come with a HUD for alpha sections), you can pick up a free set from Little Black Dress at this SLURL (click on the bag on the floor). Cat Pink SL has also put together a helpful video with other places you can pick up free or L$1 alphas for this body:

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  1. You missed the point that you simply wear an alpha LAYER (the old style texture kind) instead of using alpha cuts. Very simply and most folks (not so much “I” :D) likely still have alpha layers from older clothes that work with most things. I found that clothes made for several bodies work well on this avatar. You can also of course make your own alpha layers, but I am guessing there are still packs of them for free on the Marketplace. Also the Gabriel store still sells lots of one linden clothing that comes with alpha layers.

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