I Will Be Extending My Vacation from the RyanSchultz.com Blog Until the End of August

Photo by Mohamed Ajufaan on Unsplash

Two things have happened since I first announced that I was taking a vacation from this blog in mid-June:

  • I have discovered that I am bone tired, which is not too surprising, since I have kept up such a blistering pace, writing nearly 2,000 blogposts since I started this blog three years ago. I need a longer than expected break to recharge.
  • I have several heavier-than-usual demands being placed upon me by my full-time librarian job with the University of Manitoba Libraries, which necessitates me working overtime (evenings and weekends) to meet deadlines.

Between these two developments, I have decided to extend my self-imposed vacation from the RyanSchultz.com blog by another month, until the end of August, 2020. I will be back September 1st, 2020.

What that means is, I will only be posting sponsored blogposts for Sinespace and my other clients, plus the occasional exception (particularly if it is a breaking news story). If you are a company interesting in discussing sponsored blogposts for your product or platform, please contact me. My standard rate for sponsored blogposts is US$50 per post. You may also wish to consider purchasing advertising space on my blog, starting as low as US$10 per month for a one-year plan.

Enjoy your summer!

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash
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