Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: The L$1 Neo Male Mesh Body by Meta

PLEASE NOTE: My blog is still on indefinite hiatus; I have made a single exception for this blogpost. After this, I will be going back on my self-imposed break from blogging.

I wanted to break my hiatus from the blog to announce that I have discovered a very nice dollarbie male mesh head and body package called Neo, from a company called Meta! Here is the link to the Second Life Marketplace listing, which says:

This package will provide you with everything needed to set up your mesh avatar base to build on, which includes a Fitted mesh body with Bento rigged hands and a fully Bento rigged mesh head! The package also includes an Alpha HUD to hide parts of the body to make it easier to wear clothes on.

This product is our gift to the community and is meant for those new users as well as those who want to get [the] hang of mesh avatars!! ENJOY!!

Here is what the Neo male mesh body looks like, right out of the box, with only a minor adjustment to the eyes, and with the included underwear and body shape. It’s actually a very nice head and body, especially for only one Linden dollar!

Here’s what the Neo male mesh body looks like with some hair and clothing; the outfit is from the free Casual Male Starter Pack capsule wardrobe from No Shot, and comes from the Freebie Megastore on the London City sim as shown here:

I found during my testing that clothing and shoes designed for the Signature Gianni mesh body seem to fit this particular body very well (you will need to use the alpha HUD, though):

Now, there are a few drawbacks to this body. For one, although it comes with a HUD with plentiful alpha selections, the Meta Neo body does not support skin appliers or Bakes on Mesh (there is a Bakes on Mesh version of this body for sale for L$999 on the SL Marketplace). You are stuck with the single skin tone for this body. Also, the mesh eyes shown here are included with the mesh head, not separate, and they only come in the light brown colour shown.

Happy freebie shopping! I will add the Meta Neo male body to my ever-expanding list of free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male avatars.

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