I Have 200 Invitations to Join Clubhouse

If you have been waiting for an invitation to join the hot new drop-in audio app Clubhouse, here’s your opportunity to check it out for yourself!

Please remember that Clubhouse is currently only for iOS mobile devices (iPhone or iPad), although Android support is coming in the next month.

I have 100 invitations to join Clubhouse and become a member of the Ask a Librarian club, just click the following link:


And I have second batch of 100 invitations to join Clubhouse and become a member of the Winnipeg Manitoba Canada club, just click this link:


See you in Clubhouse! Even though the initial honeymoon period is over, I still find lots of interesting conversations to listen to and participate in! When you do join, search for me (I am using my standard red-background icon), and follow me!

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