A Love Letter to Second Life on the Eve of Its 18th Birthday

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Manitoba has now entered its third lockdown due to COVID-19, and I must confess that I am spending more time than usual in my virtual haven of Second Life, avoiding messy, painful, chaotic reality. I hang out at Frank’s Jazz Place and Bray’s Blues club, and I go shopping, I put on my random teleporter backpack and go exploring. I style my small army of alts from head to toe as inexpensively as possible. I write blog posts about the freebies and bargains that I find. I endlessly feed Second Life selfies into WOMBO and Reface, and chortle at the results. It all helps keep me occupied and away from the worries and concerns of the real world. It soothes me.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that we have now entered the golden age of freebies in Second Life. It is now possible to outfit yourself with a completely mesh avatar and a wonderful wardrobe, tons of hair and footwear, all for nothing or next to nothing if you know where to look. And it has been my privilege to be your guide and share my knowledge with you. In fact, with the launch of my new SL group, I now proudly call myself a professional freebie fashionista! 😉

I find it interesting that when times get tough, I find myself going back to Second Life, especially when there are so many other social VR platforms and virtual worlds that I could explore instead. It really is a testament to the vision of founding CEO Philip Rosedale and his team, who have built a platform which is still vibrant and successful and enticing at the ripe old age of 18. Many of the newer platforms in the metaverse marketplace would kill to have the kind of success that SL has had.

So I would like to raise a toast to Second Life! May it last for many more years, and confound those who decry the platform and predict its imminent demise.

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