Rec Room Goes on a Hiring Spree

I find it interesting that, at a time when some social VR platforms are struggling mightily to survive (e.g. Sansar, ChilloutVR), others are going from strength to strength. One of the latter is Rec Room, which in March 2021 raised US$100 million dollars more venture capital at a US$1.25 billion dollar company valuation.

Well, Rec Room is spending some of that money on attracting new talent! Yesterday, Shawn Whiting of Rec Room tweeted:

Good day to mention – if you’re interested in the metaverse, online communities, and the future of how people play and build together: Rec Room has ~60 open positions in art, design, engineering, data, marketing, HR, ops, support, etc.

Among the job vacancies posted on the Rec Room website are the following:

  • lighting and technical artists
  • senior software engineers
  • game designers
  • marketing people, including a Creative Marketing Strategist

If you’re qualified and interested, I would suggest you take a peek! Meta’s push towards the metaverse is going to open up a world of opportunities for people with the right skillsets. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats!

For more information about Rec Room, visit their websitejoin their Discord, or follow them on TikTokTwitterInstagramReddit, and YouTube.

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