Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: the Marco Bakes-on-Mesh Male Bento Mesh Head for Only L$50 from Alantori!

Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to find free and inexpensive options for mesh heads and bodies for male avatars than female avatars. In particular, cheap male mesh heads (both static and Bento) can be hard to come by.

However, I recently learned that if you join the Alantori group for L$50, among the many free group gifts you can pick up from their in-store gift wall is the Marco Bakes-on-Mesh compatible male Bento mesh head, as shown here by the red arrow (here’s the exact SLURL):

Here is what the Marco head looks like with the included shape, wearing a Bakes on Mesh skin called Brent from 7 Deadly Skins (part of a group gift I picked up last June):

All I had to do was play around with the eyebrow sliders to fix the shape and position of the eyebrows, and he’s all set to go!

Please keep in mind that you will still need to find a Bakes-on-Mesh compatible mesh body to finish your avatar look. (For this quick-and-dirty single head shot, I just used the classic system body.)

Here’s a blogpost on how to find free and inexpensive mesh bodies for male avatars, which includes information on a few Bakes-on-Mesh compatible models. I keep this updated as I find new items, so bookmark it and check back often!

Happy shopping!


Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Rick Bento Mesh Body by Alantori for Only L$50!

UPDATE July 25th, 2019: This blogpost has been flagged for violations of Google AdSense Program policies, which has led to it being extensively censored.

If you join the Alantori group for only L$50, you can participate in their daily Midnight Madness giveaway of the Rick Bento mesh body for male avatars. Here’s the exact SLURL that takes you to the Midnight Madness panel in the Alantori store.

The first 150 people to click the panel each day after it resets every midnight will receive the Rick Bento mesh body for free! According to the sign it comes with Bento hands, and includes a HUD with alpha sections so you pretty much wear any clothing with it.

The Rick body comes in five different skin tones: pale, light, mid, dark, and African) and the package includes a simple alpha HUD (shown here):

For L$50 it’s quite a nice male mesh body. It’s not Omega compatible, so you might still land up with a seam between your head and your body, which you can cover up with a collar. (I was lucky to find a close match between the mid body skin tone and one of the skin tones on the group gift Clay Bento mesh head from Akeruka (more details here). If you’ve been sitting on the fence about upgrading your male avatar to mesh, now might be the perfect time to try it out!