Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: ALANTORI

ALANTORI is a Second Life store which sells men’s mesh bodies, men’s and women’s hair and skin, and some men’s clothing.

If you join the ALANTORI group for L$50, you can click on the Midnight Madness boards to pick up two different kinds of Bento, Bakes on Mesh-compatible male bodies: the beefy, muscular Rick body, and the slimmer, more toned David body.

How the boards work is as follows: once each board is hit 50 times, a copy of that particular mesh body is automatically sent to everyone who touched the board (it does not wait until midnight; neither does the count reset at midnight, like regular Midnight Madness boards).

There’s also a Bento, Bakes on Mesh male head called Marco, one of free three group gifts for men at ALANTORI, located just to the right of the Midnight Madness boards:

I had written about the ALANTORI Rick body before, but this new version now supports Bakes on Mesh skins, cosmetics, tattoos, hair bases, etc. Here’s what the Rick body looks like with the free Viktor head I had blogged earlier this week, wearing one of the dollarbie set of Bakes on Mesh skins from Sweet’s that I picked up on the SL Marketplace:

As you can see, this is quite a muscular body, particularly in the arms, shoulders, and chest! Now, unlike the David body (which we’ll talk about in a minute), the Rick body lacks fingernail and toenail attachments, which means that the Sweet’s skin I used here gives it a bit of an unfinished look. However, the body does come with a set of five full-body skin tattoos, which do add fingernail and toenail details:

(Same body as the previous picture, but wearing the included mid tone body skin tattoo)

However, you’re going to have to find head skin that matches the included body tattoos. because there will be a noticeable neck seam (which you can’t really see here, as my avatar is looking down). So your mileage may vary on this body.

Here’s what the David body looks like with the same Sweet’s skin and Victor head. Unlike the Rick body, David comes in five separate pieces: upper body, lower body, right hand fingernails, left hand fingernails, and toenails:

Both bodies come with an basic alpha sections HUD (and, of course, you can also wear the alphas that come with the clothing your purchase):

I have written about ALANTORI’s group gift of the Marco head before. Here is a closeup of the Marco head paired with the David body (again, wearing the Sweet’s skin). The Bakes on Mesh-compatible mesh eyes are included with the head. Looking good! (I did have to fiddle with the sliders for the eyes and eyebrows to get this look.)

For women, the L$50 membership in the ALANTORI group lets you pick up 18 different fatpacks of women’s hair, each with a HUD with 146 colour options! That works out to less than L$3 per hairstyle—which is quite a bargain!

Here is just one example, the long, luxurious Bella hairstyle, showing you the brown and black tomes in the colours HUD (you just click on the buttons at the bottom to see the other colour palettes):

So, whether you are male or female, your L$50 group membership certainly goes a long way at ALANTORI! I will be adding the Rick and David mesh bodies to my ever-expanding list of free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male avatars.

Here’s your taxi to ALANTORI. Happy shopping!

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