Another Fifteen-Minute Second Life Avatar Makeover: Professional Business Woman

Everybody is familiar by now with the Elizabeth businesswoman avatar, one of Linden Lab’s selection of starter avatars for newbies:

Well, today I decided to give Elizabeth one of my patented fifteen-minute avatar makeovers, and take her to a role-play hotel operating in Second Life for a business meeting! The Essencia Hotel (website; SLURL) is a hotel and convention centre, staffed by both NPCs and role-playing avatars (you can even apply to work here).

To book a room, you just click on one of the kiosks in the hotel foyer, which takes you to a website. Rates range from L$150 a night for a standard twin single, up to L$500 a night for the premium suite!

If you join the Essencia Hotel group for free, you can even pick up a free gift: some luggage!

Here’s what Elizabeth looks like after her head-to-toe makeover. And, like any savvy businesswoman, she knows the value of a dollar. Everything you see here was free! (In some cases I joined a group when they had a free group join period.)

Elizabeth is wearing:

Mesh Head and Body: the free Kalhene Ariadna female mesh body (which, unfortunately, has been pulled from the SL Marketplace because of a DMCA complaint; more details here; I hope that this is resolved soon, but as Elizabeth the businesswoman well knows, legal matters over intellectual property can take time to resolve!).

Skin: Creamy in the milk skin tone from WOW Skins (a free system skin from the gift box of all the previous group gifts, located next to the panel with this month’s group gift; I joined the WOW Skins group when they had a free group join period a while back; this is an older system skin, to which I added the fix to the fingernail bases from League (more information here) to work on this mesh body.

Hair: Kristen by Ade (free gift from the SL17B Shop and Hop; more information here).

Eyes: Sahara eyes by Avi-Glam (free gift from the SL17B Shop and Hop; more information here).

Dress: Office dress in black from Kaithleen’s (I picked this up for free using the gift card that was a Christmas group gift from the store last December).

Shoes: I have been meaning to blog about this fabulous freebie for a while now! These are the sixtynine pumps in black, a free group gift from the KOKOIA shoe store (the KOKOIA group is free to join). These lovely free pumps come in six different neutral colours to go with just about any outfit!

Briefcase: I picked up this freebie from the SpotCat booth at a past Man Cave shopping event. It comes with the Bento hold post shown, and I think it’s the perfect finishing touch for this professional look! (Note: if you go to the SpotCat store in-world and join their store group for L$100, among the group gifts is a set of three of these briefcases for men or women, in white, brown, and black.)


All pictures taken at the Essencia Hotel.


Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: Free Outfits from Roleplay Sims

Many roleplay sims in Second Life offer free outfits for men and women, to help newcomers dress to fit in with everybody else. Today, I will be showing you a selection of free women’s roleplay outfits from various sims.

Our first stop is Zerzura, a Gorean sim with an ancient Greek theme. Click on the yellow sign as shown here, and you will receive a folder of men’s and women’s outfits. (For four other Gorean sims offering free outfits, please check out this earlier blogpost.)

This is one of the women’s outfits, a flowing Greek dress which comes with a headscarf and even the hair to fit underneath it (I replaced the default black hair texture with a blonde one I already had in my inventory):

One of the Zerzura freebies is this full-permissons Greek mesh gown by Anni’s. You can tint and texture this as you desire! It’s the proper length to wear high heels with, and I could easily wear this at at a modern-day formal event. It would also make a lovely wedding dress!

Alte Siedlung is a German medieval roleplay sim, which offers you a couple of free Middle Ages gowns at the spawn point:

Teleport to Skorde Island, enter the tower at the spawn point, and you can pick up this free, full-permissions girdled fantasy outfit with hood, which even includes the hair!

But don’t leave just yet! Climb the tower stairs to the second floor, and there are another four free women’s outfits, such as this beautiful medieval gown:

And click on the purple drawer shown, and you will receive a surprise: this lovely Indian sari! (By the way, if you’re in the market for a sari, you can pick up another free sari at the spawn point of Habibi – The Middle Eastern Oasis sim, along with a few other men’s and women’s outfits.)

Our final stop of the day is Taufells, another German-speaking medieval roleplay sim. In the store off to the side are four free outfits, including this medieval gown, which comes in blue and red versions:

The tray with the golden goblets comes with an arms-only animation override, so you can use it with your regular AO. It is the latest free group gift from Antaya (the Antaya group costs L$40 to join). I am serving you up some medieval tavern wench with this outfit! Pun intended 😉

So, as you can see, if you are looking for fantasy or roleplay outfits, you don’t need to spend a penny! Happy freebie shopping!