UPDATED! VRChat Launches Wolf3D’s Ready Player Me Avatar Creation System: Create a Humanoid Avatar from A Selfie in Just Minutes!

Launching officially today, Wednesday, February 24th, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Wolf3D‘s Ready Player Me avatar maker now supports importing avatars into the popular VRChat platform!

VRChat integration was always among the most requested features from the users of Ready Player Me. The avatar creator allows for generating a 3D avatar based on a single selfie. Users can select from 200 customization options, including outfits, hairstyles, and tattoos. Wolf3D set as a goal to bring the same set of personalization and customization options to their VRChat avatar creator.

Starting today, the VRChat community can create personal 3D avatars based on a selfie and use them in VRChat on both PC and Oculus Quest versions of the game. Ready Player Me avatars are compatible with AV3, allowing players to use the platform’s new expressions system.

For many, creating an avatar in VRChat is both a daunting and very important task. We’re excited to work with Wolf3D to help make avatar creation easier and more accessible for everyone in the VRChat universe!

—Graham Gaylor, Co-Founder & CEO of VRChat

Like full-body Ready Player Me avatars, all users need to do is upload a selfie. The company’s machine learning algorithm (based on 20,000 high-resolution facial scans) will generate a 3D model based on the photo. It’s possible to skip this step and go directly to the avatar maker if the user doesn’t want to share their photo.

Here’s a brief video on how to create an avatar using Ready Player Me:

To get started, simply head over to https://readyplayer.me/vrchat. Have fun! For more details, please see the official press release from Wolf3D.

UPDATE March 1st, 2021: Timmu Tõke, the CEO of WOlf3D, reported in an email:

In the first 24 hours, the VRChat community has created over 20,000 Ready Player Me avatars, peaking at 30 avatars per second and almost melting our servers (for real). We were featured on Road to VRUploadVRVRFocus, and many more.

Congratulations to Timmu and his team on their successful launch!

VRChat Pick of the Day: Virtual Market 3

This evening, Jin led a group tour of various worlds associated with the Japanese anime avatar market, Virtual Market 3 (I blogged about Virtual Market 2 here). Once again, it was a truly mind-blowing experience.

CastelloMagica Hall at Virtual Market 3

Our group visited several worlds, each with a different theme, each with dozens of vendor booths selling avatars and avatar accessories:

Jin took this picture of us visiting the Shibuya by Night world at Virtual Market 3

Virtual Market 3 is on only on from Sept. 21st to Sept. 25th, so hurry down!

Oh, and did I mention? 7-11 is an official sponsor of the event! There’s a Japanese 7-11 store in each world of the Virtual Market!

Here’s a couple of selfies Jin took of our group as we explored various Virtual Market worlds:

We kept changing avatars as well tried on demo versions at the various vendor booths! (I’m the anime Victorian lady’s maid in black and white in the bottom-most picture.)