Pick of the Day: Bayswater London

Today we revisit a previous Scene of the Day, Retro Metallic’s experience called Bayswater London, named after the cosmopolitan London neighbourhood. Retro has greatly updated and expanded his urban experience, planting lovely cherry trees in blossom all along the main street:

Bayswater London 1 4 Nov 2017

Close to the spawn point, there are two buildings that contain teleporters to other experiences, one building just for Sansar Studios experiences and another one for other experiences:

Bayswater London 2 4 Nov 2017

There’s a small charming pub called The Leinster Arms, complete with patrons:

Bayswater London 3 4 Nov 2017.jpg

Be sure to explore the side streets too! Wander down one side street and you find yourself in a more spacious, modern bar, complete with red neon, modern art, and a large ceiling fan.

Bayswater London 6 4 Nov 2017

Bayswater London 7 4 Nov 2017

The whole experience is very inviting, with many small finishing touches and attention to detail, like a fruit stand and a Greek restaurant.

Bayswater London 4 4 Nov 2017.jpg

And at the end of the long, long main street in Bayswater is an art exhibition along the railings of Hyde Park, along with Loz Hyde’s splendid aviary!

Bayswater London 5 4 Nov 2017

You might not be able to afford plane fare to London, so visiting Bayswater London in Sansar is the next best thing! Play virtual tourist and pay a visit soon.


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