Pick of the Day: Enrico’s Dummy World

We have already seen a few experiences designed by Sansar creators as an in-world demonstration of their work: the oYo Mesh Studio Showroom and the Metaverse Machines Showroom are just two examples from earlier blogposts.

Enrico's Dummy World 1 5 Nov 2017

Enrico Sands has created a city experience populated entirely by models of people that he has created, all of which (over 150!) are available for sale in the Sansar Store. You walk down the city street, and at the corner is a busy marketplace.

Enrico's Dummy World 2 5 Nov 2017Enrico's Dummy World 3 5 Nov 2017

Past the market, down a side street, is a band performing music in the town square.

Enrico's Dummy World 4 5 Nov 2017.jpg

The detail on many of these models is quite good. Some of them look almost as if they might start moving! Here’s a closeup of a policeman:

Enrico's Dummy World 5 5 Nov 2017.jpg

This is a great way to showcase your work and drive Store sales!

Experience Location: Enrico’s Dummy World


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