UPDATED: My Top Fifteen Sansar Experiences (Plus One!)

UPDATE: On June 2nd, 2018, I posted an updated and expanded list of what I think are the top twenty Sansar experiences that you should visit.

There are now 781 experiences listed in the Sansar Atlas, as of yesterday evening. Since July 31st, 2017, I have been highlighting Sansar experiences of note in the Sansar Newsblog under the Pick of the Day category.

Of those picks, I thought it was time to give my own personal, purely subjective list of what I think are the Top Fifteen (plus one!) published Sansar experiences. These are the experiences that most impressed me, and among them, some pushed the boundaries of what you could do within the current limitations of the platform and its scripting.

These sixteen experiences are not in any particular order, but I do think that they represent “the best of the best”.


Accuracy Training Module 19 Nov 2017

Accuracy Training Module by Nebulae: This is a simply designed but addictively fun game, put together with basic scripting to keep track of scoring on both sides and declaring a winner. Nebulae demonstrated the power that is evident even in the limited set of scripting abilities we currently have in Sansar, showing us what is possible with unlimited imagination.


Paranomral Investigation 19 Nov 2017

Paranormal Investigation by Abramelin Wolfe: Another good example of scripting and animations to add to the overall atmosphere of the experience. The sense of foreboding is very strong in this mysterious house. I particularly liked the Ouija board and the flying books!


Colossus Rising 19 Nov 2017.jpg

Colossus Rising by Sansar Studios: This sprawling experience really makes you feel as if you are in the game world of Riven or Myst. Animated rudimentary cable cars allow you to move from place to place as you try to solve the mystery: what happened to the occupants of this strange, windy,  desert land?


VR Cult 19 Nov 2017

VR CULT – The Events Hub by Colpo Wexler: an art exhbition what is well-planned and well-designed, becoming a work of art in its entirety.


Zen Gardens 19 Nov 2017.jpg

Zen Garden by Sansar Studios: This experience became a standard meeting place for people in Sansar almost from the very beginning. Lots to explore and lots to interact with. You can even jump onto the air taxi as it lands next to the swimming pool!


The Diner 2 19 Nov 2017

The Diner by C3rb3rus: Great retro history feel, and wonderful use of scripting and sound effects leading to several “jump-scare” experiences!


Darkwood Forest 19 Nov 2017

Darkwood Forest, by C3rb3rus: He has created a real sense of place and I love visiting this spot. Take an airship ride through the treetops, find the tree-man, or solve puzzles!


Urban Art 19 Nov 2017

The Urban Art Experience, by Charmarley Nightfire: This experience was a great idea: create a street gathering together all the great urban art from around the world! Every time I come here I find some other work of art that I never knew about before.


NASA Apollo Museum 19 Nov 2017

NASA APOLLO MUSEUM by Loot Interactive: A well planned and laid-out museum, filled with useful information, with a teleport to the surface of the first Moon landing!


Dance Gazebo 19Nov 2017.jpg

Garden of Dreams by Kayle Matzerath: a playful, enchanting experience with many spots to visit.


Egypt Office 19 Nov 2017

Voyage Live: Egypt by Sansar Studios: An impressive collection of interconnected experiences, allowing you to inspect three different ancient archaelogical worksites. The main office is also carefully decorated with various curiosities.


Miner Difficulties 2 19 Nov 2017.jpg

Miner Difficulties by Jasmine and Galen: This is listed here because of the innovative way Jasime and Galen designed their experience to draw the visitor into the story.


Rune 19 Nov 2017.jpg

Maxwell Graf’s series of experiences: As Maxwell himself says, “Starting with Lagnmoor, to Neptunes’ Revenge, to Rune, to AntFarm, to Respite – you go on a journey from one to the next,” so I am selecting all five of his experiences as one entry. I’m still impressed at what he was able to achieve with his ship-in-a-storm scene in Neptune’s Revenge.


Monkey Temple 19 Nov 2017

Monkey Temple by UNIT9: A sprawling ancient complex set in a steamy jungle, complete with games to play, this is an impressive accomplishment.


Felsenmeer 19 Nov 2017.jpg

Felsenmeer by Silas Merlin: A good example of one person’s artistic expression, Felsenmeer is full of great sculpture and great art in a fantastic environment.

You might not agree with my Top Fifteen list, in which case I would encourage you to make your own list and leave a link to it in the comments to this blogpost. Or, if you feel strongly that I left off something you thought was great, let me know in the comments!

UPDATE Nov. 29th: I have added one more experience to this list:

114 Harvest 29 Nov 2017

114 Harvest by Draxtor Despres and Ria Bazar is my overlooked gem, a wonderfully inviting suburban California experience with an astounding attention to detail. This is the starting point for our weekly Atlas Hopping adventures, and the scene for many events such as Drax’s birthday party. Well worth a visit to marvel at all the work Ria has done in putting this experience together.

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