“How many slutty little dresses can you own?”

There’s been quite a bit of discussion on the official Sansar Discord server of the upcoming fashion market for Sansar, which we are still scheduled to get, at least as a first release, in mid-December, according to Linden Lab. (One of the burning questions: will the new Sansar default avatars have baked-on underwear or not?)

But we’ve been talking about other things, too:

Hoochiewear 28 Nov 2017

Through the Second Life Friends group on Facebook, I found out about my new favourite thing in Second Life! It’s a backpack by ScriptWorks that you wear, and when you click it, it teleports you to a random spot anywhere within Second Life! You can buy a set of 5 random teleporter backpacks on the SL Marketplace, which means that you can give them to your friends and go exploring together! A group of backpack wearers can be simultaneously teleported to any random location on the grid, estates as well as mainland sims. It is great fun and a great way to see Second Life!

The reason I bring this up now, is that one of the places I randomly teleported to was this shop:

The Slut Shop 22 Oct 2017.png

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One thought on ““How many slutty little dresses can you own?””

  1. SL attracts a lot of one kind of audience. They are social, they are looking for love and they think that means they need to look slutty. When you join and most everyone around you has a certain look, you tend to emulate that. It’s kinda sad really.

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