Sansar Product Meetup Friday, Dec. 1st

Product Meetup Fri 1 Dec 2017

For the first time in a long time, I was actually able to attend an in-world Sansar Product Meetup! It was held in the Try 4 experience by Ryan Jalernpan (see picture above).

In this morning’s meeting, Cara and Jenn from Linden Lab were able to provide some more information on the upcoming Fashion release, still scheduled for mid-December. This appears to be a major software update to the Sansar platform.

Fashion: Cara said that the fashion market will be released in phases, with the first version providing the core foundation for fashion, and with system improvements added over time. One disappointing piece of news is that the highly anticipated cloth physics feature for the fashion market will not be a part of the December release. Also, it was confirmed that the new system avatars will have baked-on underwear, which is another disappointment. System underwear will doubtless interfere with some creators’ fashion designs. However, Cara confirmed that you will be able to create and sell clothing on the Sansar Store.

There are a bunch of other things in this next release, including some audio fixes and updates in scripting abilities.

You will also be able to edit materials after uploading (this applies to objects in an experience, not to clothing or accessories). There was quite a bit of discussion among the creators present as to the implications of such a change.

Finally, Jenn teased that they will soon announce a new special experience…an exhibition of the Star Wars collection of a private collector. More details coming soon!

As usual, I expect Inara Pey to do her usual stellar job of reporting all the details on these regular Product Meetups (which I will reblog to the Sansar Newsblog, as I usually do).

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One thought on “Sansar Product Meetup Friday, Dec. 1st”

  1. The current avatars in Sansar are so basic that it just doesn’t feel like a next gen VW at all. I’m really interested to see the new ones. I hope to sell clothing in Sansar so the forced underwear seems a bit heavy-handed but I could work with it if it’s very minimal – like pasties and a C-string. I’m mostly disappointed that I have to wait for the cloth physics.

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