Adventures in Sansar Retailing (#1,749 in a Continuing Series)

There has been a mystery creator on the Sansar Store named SWANZ, who has posted dozens of items like this:

SWANZ Items in the Sansar Store

At one point, SWANZ had well over 600 items in the store! Well, some people began to notice a striking similarity between some full-perm items listed in the SL Marketplace, and items SWANZ was selling on the Sansar Store. For example, this tree stump:

SWANZ tree stumpSL Marketplace tree stump

…And then people started noticing that the number of items that SWANZ has posted for sale has begun dropping quite precipitously! Right now it’s down to 49! Hmmm…..

UPDATE 12:06 p.m.: Well, SWANZ (or someone from Linden Lab) has deleted every single one of his items from the Sansar Store. Obviously, something was up.

SECOND UPDATE Dec. 6th: Someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) has told me:

Schwanz m (genitive Schwanzes, plural Schwänze, diminutive Schwänzchen n ). A tail. (informal) a cock, a penis. (derogatory, of a person) A prick.
It was prettty obvious from day one :smiley:
I think he was a troll.
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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Sansar Retailing (#1,749 in a Continuing Series)”

  1. Feliz is just itself selling Creative Commons Licensed off the internet that has just been cleaned up to sell in the SL Marketplace having done so for a few years.
    Should I also provide links to Feliz Store(s) vs. the real creators on Turbosquid? great job in not knowing who the real creators are..’Uninformed Lynchmobs’ won’t generate the kind buzz for Sansar as you expect.

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