Greg Aronowitz Conducts an In-World Tour of His Star Wars Production Art Collection in Sansar

Well, we had a real treat this morning! Greg Aronowitz, the collector behind the wonderful Star Wars production art exhibition you can now visit in Sansar, conducted a personal tour of the museum this morning, and I was lucky enough to tag along and take some pictures! Very interesting talk as Greg described some of the history behind various objects. Drax was the interviewer (he’s the one with the red headphones and the microphone in the pictures). Greg is the avatar in the blue-and-white jersey and black baseball cap. Note that Solas is wearing a very funny tribute to Princess Leia with her croissant-bun hairstyle and pink light-sabre!

Greg Aronowitz 3 11 Dec 2017

Greg Aronowitz 4 11 Dec 2017

Greg Aronowitz Talk 2 11 Dec 2017

Greg Aronowitz 5 11 Dec 2017

Greg Aronowitz 6 11 Dec 2017

Greg Aronowitz 7 11 Dec 2017.png

Drax did a livestream of this event (complete with some attempts by trolls to interrupt the proceedings!):

Strawberry Singh also did a livestream:


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