Does Sansar Need a Social Media Ambassador?

I was reading the news today when I came across this item: Weight Watchers has hired DJ Khaled as their new “social media ambassador”, a term I had never heard before. (Then again, I’ve never heard of DJ Khaled before, either.) Here’s a screen capture from a CBS News report which shows the massive size of his social media audience:

Social Media Ambassador 3 Jan 2018

(A personal note: I have actually been on the Weight Watchers program in the past, and I actually did reach my goal weight twenty years ago! However, like many people who diet, I did gain back all the weight I lost over the following decade, and then some. I am curious about their new Freestyle program, and I may rejoin. As a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member, I can skip a weekly meeting without paying a fee, which is a plus!)

All of this got me thinking: maybe what Linden Lab needs to do is hire a social media ambassador for Sansar. Someone with a large and faithful following on the various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It’s an idea worth considering, although I’m quite sure that finding such an ambassador would be a somewhat difficult task.

Ebbe Altberg and his team need to ask themselves: who is Sansar’s target audience? (I’m sure they’ve already answered that question. If they haven’t, then they should.) Who would be someone who is well-known enough in virtual worlds to have at least some name recognition, that they would want to tie to their brand? Or would it be better to pick someone who is already famous in another area, for example, an entertainer? (I mean, DJ Khaled is no nutrition or weight loss expert, he’s a DJ!)

If I were asked to put a name forward, I would say Linden Lab should hire Strawberry Singh as their social media ambassador. She’s a well-known and popular Second Life blogger who has a presence in Sansar already, with her and Drax’s Atlas Hopping series. Just an idea. (She might well turn it down, wanting to keep her independence from LL.)

They could ask me, I may have the right level of enthusiasm, but I’m afraid I have no social media presence at all. Right now I have a grand total of 290 Facebook friends, 88 Instagram followers, and 126 Twitter followers! And I got fed up, and I landed up uninstalling Snapchat from my iPhone…

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