Tune In (or Join Us) for Episode 2 of the New Linden Lab Show, Sansar Top 5!

Naturae Virtualis 4 18 Nov 2017
Skye Naturae Virtualis, one of the experiences Sam and Boden Linden will visit in episode 2 of their new show, Sansar Top 5

I have been bugging Linden Lab for months about taking a page from the High Fidelity playbook, and launching their own TV show, and it would appear that they have listened! I had blogged back on Nov. 26th that LL needs to step up their PR game:

The key here, and the area in which Linden Lab needs to step up their game, is PROMOTION. I’m still not convinced that Linden Lab is doing everything that they could be to promote Sansar, especially compared to all the press that competitors like High Fidelity, VRChat, and especially AltspaceVR get. Obviously, Linden Lab is hoping that its users will be its best ambassadors, but they can’t (and shouldn’t) rely just on that good-will.

High Fidelity has launched a few self-promotional livestream broadcast shows, like the JimJamz Show and LIVE in High Fidelity with Michelle Osorio. Yes, I know, they’re cheesy, but the fact is, High Fidelity is not waiting for users to do them, they are going out and doing it themselves! Linden Lab needs to think about launching a program or two of their own…

Well, it turns out that Linden Lab had actually tested a pilot, half-hour episode of a new show called Sansar Top 5, back on Dec. 21st, starring Sam and Boden Linden of Linden Lab! I think that this is a wonderful idea, and I applaud Linden Lab for taking this step!

Boden is a well-known member of Linden Lab’s Product team, and Sam is Sam Distaso, Linden Lab’s new Virtual Worlds Business Development Manager. Boden says of the newly launched show:

For now it will be once-a-month event where we are checking out the top five experiences and elements in VR [we] can’t get enough of.

Unfortunately, I missed that first episode, and there is no public video of it available. But you can watch (or even better, join us in-world!) as Sam and Boden head out to explore this month’s picks for the Sansar Top 5:

Episode 2 of Sansar Top 5 takes place tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 4th, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time. I assume we are all meeting up at the first location, Skye Naturae Virtualis. I also assume that Linden Lab will provide a URL for the livestream if you’d rather watch than participate, which I will update this blogpost with, as soon as I have it to share with you.

I would encourage you to join us!

UPDATE Jan. 4th: Here is the YouTube livestream (thank you, Maddy!):

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