A First Impressions Video of Sansar

A couple of days ago, I was curious and I did a search for “Sansar” in YouTube and (aside from all the videos from and about India), I came across this interesting and well-produced review of Sansar (warning: some NSFW language).

Published on Dec. 16th, 2017, and already pulling in over 17,000 views, this YouTube video does get a few key facts wrong (for one thing, it makes it sound like IBM still has a large number of SL sims operating, which is wrong by about six years). The speaker also said that there were 20,000 experiences, which is way off from the current count of about 830.

The video creator, Rogue Shadow VR, found Sansar to be a lonely place; he only encountered one other avatar in all the experiences he visited (and from all the scenes he edited into this video, he visited quite a few). He had a common complaint: the inability to see how many avatars were currently in the experiences on the Sansar Atlas.

Overall, though, he had some good things to say about Sansar. He did think the platform needed more work, but it had some good potential. I found it an interesting video to watch, a relative “outsider’s” perspective on Sansar compared to all the viewpoints of those of us who breathe, eat, and sleep Sansar 😉 .

UPDATE Jan. 6th: Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, has said this on the official Sansar Discord channel:

Indicating what experiences have people in them and sorting the Atlas by most to least populated is coming real soon. Remember, we’ve been in creator beta, [we’re] just now starting to focus on things that will build audience, first retention and engagement and then acquisition.


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