Sansar Creators Tips Wiki Launched

There’s a lot of useful information and tips that are being exchanged by creators (builders, scripters, animators, avatar fashion designers, etc.) in the official Sansar Discord channels. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find something that somebody said a few days or a few weeks ago on Discord. Valuable information can be lost.

In order to address that difficulty, and make it easier for Sansar creators to help each other, Idrid has built a wiki on a website called Fandom, called the Sansar Creators Tips Wiki. A wiki is, quite simply, a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users. (The best-known and most famous example of a wiki is, of course, Wikipedia, the phenomenally successful and increasingly authoritative Internet encyclopedia, with over 5.5 million articles in English alone, not to mention countless other languages!)

Idrid explains the purpose of the newly-created Sansar Creators Tips Wiki as follows:

The team behind Sansar have provided us with some great ways to share tips and hints for content creation, the aim of this Wiki is to get it all into one place so we can search it and find things we need much easier.

Discord channels and our In-World communications are revealing a wealth of information on how best to build and create in Sansar. This is an attempt to get it all in one searchable location.

This wiki is not officially authorized by or affiliated with Sansar nor the company Linden Labs. All image and post copyright remains with the content creator. Posters are requested to give credit and ensure permission has been obtained for all material not owned by the page author posted on this wiki.

Sansar Creators Tips Wiki 5 Jan 2017

(I’m not sure, but I seem to remember Jenn, Sansar’s Community Manager for Linden Lab, mention that LL was thinking about setting up a wiki as well. So we may have both an official and an unofficial wiki, just as we currently do for Discord!)

I think this is a great idea, and I support it wholeheartedly. So, let’s start transferring some of our accumulated knowledge—from both the official and unofficial Sansar Discord channels—into this new wiki!

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One thought on “Sansar Creators Tips Wiki Launched”

  1. Ryan,
    Thanks for helping to identify this worthwhile effort by Idrid. Creating a Wiki of any kind takes a leap of faith and a heart of gold. When an official Wiki was discussed on Discord, a part of the discussion centered around why the creators felt that Sansar (Linden Lab) had not committed to creating an official Wiki. At that time I was convinced that Sansar wanted nothing to do with a Wiki. To hear anyone from Linden Lab say they have discussed something in the past, means very little. My conclusion today is that talk means nothing at all. Remember the old adage: “Talk is cheap.”

    So now we have an unofficial “Sansar Creator’s Tips” Wiki. While it may be searchable it will never replace an authoritative creator’s manual written and published by the authors of the software we call Sansar. A software user’s manual should takes a single topic and documents it thoroughly and CLEARLY. But because there is no Official Sansar Creator’s Manual from Linden Lab, an Unofficial Anything is better than what we had before this.

    As a footnote, I am please that the title of this Wiki did not include the word “Tricks”. Most of my life I have avoided magicians with their tricks as much as some people avoid clowns who make balloon animals at children’s parties. (Have you ever seen a carnival magician playing a shell game.) There is simply no room for tricks in a rules based computer program. Either we follow the rules or we invite unpredictable results.

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